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LG Velvet 5G

I tested read range by layering cards and paper on the back and trying to read through it.
Results are:
3 cards = thickness of about 2 mm

at the 2mm thickness i get some reads but not great

i tried 2.5 mm and i got reads but very inconsistently. id move my hand around the same spot as before and it only read about 20% of the time or less. For consistent results id say 1.5mm is most ideal

reason for the inconsistency seems to be timing. i got out my x field detector and turns out that the phone sends 3 weak pulses and then 1 stronger one. pulses seem to be at an interval of .58 seconds measured with a stopwatch. even knowing that though, more than 1.5mm is very difficult

if there’s anyone making a spreadsheet of phones, here’s all the info:


Name: LG Velvet 5G
Carrier (if it matters): AT&T
Tested with: NExT
pulse pattern: 3 weak 1 strong
Pulse speed on home screen: 0.5 to 0.6 sec between pulses
pulse speed on taginfo: ~ 0.2 sec between pulses
does not check nfc when screen is off.
ideal max read range: 0 to ~1.5mm
absolute max range: ~2.4mm

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Similarly to the iPhones, reader is near the top of the back on the Lumia 1020. Vertically approaching the implant to the reader works.


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Just wanted to confirm that as expected, the OG Pixel also works quite well (my implants have not yet healed, but I’m getting consistent reads / xLED lighting up / xFD).

This is not a surprise, since the Pixel XL works, but more the merrier right!

Positioning same as

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Samsung Galaxy A71 works pretty good. I have a thin silicone case and I get good reads with it on, but better with it off of course. Antenna is located next to the camera block, but I find the best reads come from the highlighted blue zones, better if the x-series implant antenna is perpendicular to the antenna.

Tested with xFD, xLED, xNT, NExT, Spark2 + DT Diagnostic card


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The Pixel 5 has 100% success with my xSLX right below the fingerprint reader


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Just got the new Galaxy S21; works well with the SIID and the NEXT. The coil is located right in the horizontal and vertical center of the phone so the best reads come at the edge of the phone in the vertical center.


I concur. My new S21+ reads my NExT cleanly in the center even while in an Otter Box Defender Pro series case.


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iPhone 12 Mini/Pro/Pro Max have been verified and can be added to the list.

edit: to add the mini, just tested & verified.

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Cat S42: easy read with my IAR M1k. I suppose similar performances with a DT glassie. No trouble at all with a flexM1 of course. Only slight downside: the antenna is in the middle of the back of the phone, not at the edge of the case. So it’s not as easy to find the sweet spot. But the case’s shock-absorbing ridges at the back help you to locate it by touch.