WIKI - NFC phone performance

I’m sure YOU have already tried, but for others that may be reading this at a later date, just to make sure to try these orientations


Sorry about the vertical video and the lack of shirt.

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Great video :+1:

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NExT and xM1 work great on my iPhone XS Max and Pixel 2 using NFC tools.

ReadID is also great for lighting up my xLED with my iPhone. It keeps it bright and blinking until I close the dialog box. You can make the light steady (not blinking) by attempting to read an NFC tag like the NExT.

Didn’t see the Note 20 on here yet, so I’ll say that it reads my NExT and xM1 surprisingly well. Even with a decently thick case I can get consistent reads from ~1cm away. I’ve found the sweet spot to be near the middle of the phone, about 2/3 of the way down.

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Awesome, thanks, I just tried to update it and got 403 error again :man_shrugging:
So it is not currently updated with your link, but I will try again later :+1:

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Works on Samsung Galaxy Fold (Generation 1)! 100% of the time for spark 2, NExT, and xSIID. It also just read my M1!


Thanks I will add also that when the Forum stops being a dick!!!

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Hey @Steven1727. I also have the Z Flip and blinkies. How do you position your Z for the best viewing? I’ve been folding it to scan, though viewing is still a tad behind the phone…

whilst you wait for a reply, does this help?



Thanks, @Pilgrimsmaster. As per your diagram, this is what I always thought. Though I found this image below which is a little more detailed.

I can only get reads and blink (from my xLED, xSIID is still not visible yet though readable, 7 days old) within/around the grey rectangle. I have confirmed this with my X Field Detector.


It’s worth noting the Cat s41 fully updated works great with the Spark 1. The s42 doesn’t play nice with the Vivokey app and a Spark 1.


Thanks, unfortunately I still can’t update due to the 403 error is still happening ( Pretty sure it is backblaze issue )
Keep the updates coming, I’ll add them to the list s soon as I am able…


403 issue resolved


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That same gray rectangle is what I’m seeing on the Fold3 as well. That’s the part of the phone where you normally hold it so it’s really inconvenient to use and it’s impossible to see the blinky on an xSIID.

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The Samsung Fold 2 reads glassies pretty well. The best location I found is on the back about halfway down. I can get consistent reads towards the edge a bit, in between the top of the power button and bottom of the volume rocker


Updated and linked to your post.