Wiring motorcycle ignition to an NFC circuit

Hello everyone. I’m fairly new to this type of stuff, so bear with me. As I’ve stated on the title, I’m working on an ignition project for my motorcycle, looking to power it up using the implants rather than a key.

If you could help me power this baby up, I’ll be forever greatful!

First thing came into my mind was to purchase a ready to go nfc lock circuit and copy the info inside the blue tags which are provided with the circuit, into the implant. Here’s the video of the circuit and the nfc tags.

Now it’s safe to say I’m a software challenged person, so if this is possible, can any of you point me in the right direction on how to do it? I’ve also bought this nfc reader/writer device and downloaded it’s software (ACR122U), but I can’t seem to find a clear step by step guide on how to program these chips.

Thanks in advance!

My daily diver (super tenere) has been keyless for about a year now, you wont regret it!

If you have an LF implant, this is the best and easiest way:

Note that they all have only 1 relay output, so you will likely have to make a relay board to get all teh proper contact working t the right time.
Do you have a wiring schematic of you motorcycle?

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