Wondering which chip I should purchase?

Is there anyone out there who can tell me which chip is right for me? I’m getting into this stuff recently and I’m thinking of getting an implant but I’m not sure which one is right for me.
I’d probably change it every so often between hotel key cards, gym card, bus pass and URL links to share to peoples phone
If there’s a chip I should get that does all that please let me know so I can look into that one more

We can certainly try to help you but we will need more info from you…

A good option will be the NExT which will give you the best odds of covering what you want and potentially an xM1

BUT to confirm we need more info on your cards / fobs you are trying to “replace”

initially try and scan them with this app

Use this video to learn how to share your info with us

That will help us to help you

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To answer your question, you must identify your needs: do your gym / hotel / bus use LF or HF systems? Which standards? Are they “clonable” or hackable?

Mostly likely you’ll find that you’ll be able to use an implant with the concern’s permission (as in, for instance, if your gym uses EM4100 chips, ask them to register your implant instead). Mostly likely the bus pass is right out, because your bus line probably doesn’t want to bother with that, and those cards tend to be secure and impossible to clone.

Most likely also, you’ll need several chips.

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Would I need to scan the cards or say the terminal I use for access into the building/bus

How would I go about finding all that stuff? Like I said I’m just getting into this recently so I still don’t know everything I should.
And is there no tag that’s reprogrammable?

Just get a NeXT. It’ll do most things as it’s a dual chip with LF and HF functionality. The LF side is writable and will handle access control but you’ll need to get a device that can write to it. We have a cheap one here, but Hacker Warehouse has a proxmark which is the best tool for playing with rfid hacking. Now the HF side does NFC stuff like sending people links.

I’ve stated my opinion before I’d do enough research to make sure what you’re doing is safe, then dive in. If you let yourself get caught up in specifics you’ll never do it.

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Ok thank you
I’ll look into the NExT chip, maybe even get the ring first to test it out

Be aware that the ring is HF only so it most likely won’t work with any business access control systems. But it is a good place to start learning.

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Ok thank you!

Btw if you are new, use this product matrix chart for reference which will describe each product’s features and compatibility https://dangerousthings.com/chip-implants-101/

If you have an Android phone that is NFC compatible (almost all), get the NXP TagInfo app. Most HF (high frequency) chips are compatible, use the app to get info about the tags you have and most importantly the chip model. Sharing the information (you can hide the serial number) here will be helpful for us to determine what product is compatible or ability to clone.


Seems that page could do with a wee bit of an update, no xM1, xG3 or Spark2 listed there


It is on Amals list of many things to do…


I have an Apple phone? Will it still work or do I use the NFC Tools app I heard about

I think on apple you have
and NFC Tools
in the appstore, I don’t use apple :apple: :nauseated_face: but pretty sure those are your main options.
Best NFC reading area is top edge of iPhone
(something apple did well)

Yes scan the cards, if it doesn’t work, don’t fret, it probably means that your access system is Low Frequency, for that we would likely be pointing you towards an xEM or NExT or less likely an xHT but we will deal with that when we get some more information.

The low frequency tags are but ony one high frequency xM1.
I think it is best to find out what you have and then we can explain the process and your options to you

I can’t get a read on either of my cards on NFC Tools or NFC TagInfo, they are low frequency then?

Most likely. (did you move scan slowly and try different angles, I imagine you did, but want to make sure, also it should read an actual card pretty easy if it is HF)
Can you share a picture of anything you have access to. (with markings etc)
The card/fob
The reader(s) if there are different sorts

Yes I did with 3 cards

(Not expecting the bank card to work)
And I tried on NFC Tools app and NFC TagInfo app and got no reading for either 3
These are the cards I’d most probably program to my chip, as well as a URL link if possible

Ahhh, now we have a better idea

GOOD, we don’t want those expectations too high.:wink:
Payment options in the not too distant future, so we will leave that for now.

Hotel card.
(sorry I’m running out of time, I have some chores to get on with).
so quickly, i assume you are Canadian eh?
The hotel. PR logo, quick guess, prince regent hotel?
will need to do some research, or maybe somebody familiar with the card/hotel and system.
There is a simple tool, that DT sell RFID diagnostic Card that will help you out now and in the future. for all of these, er, um… diagnostics

The Transit card, They can be a pain, again need some time for research or if somebody is already familiar.
BUT I would be surprised if it was a LF… wait one, it has an emv chip…
Hopefully I can leave this in other peoples capable hands… gotta go.

Sorry that was a whole lot of nothing helpful for you…
I will be back