Working in the trades with a chip(my experience)

Well, ive now had my chip implant for around a month, and so far its been a neat little party trick to show to friend etc.
Before getting this chip, i was looking around for pros and cons, experiences and etc, like most people thinking about putting something in their arm. So i thought id share some of mine.
Working as an electrician, with a chip in R0, the only “con” ive really noticed myself has come from work. Most noticebaly when using an hammer, or getting the kickback when using a strong drill. The blunt force i sometime gets onto the chip isnt the greatest feeling in the world, and since the chip probably didnt get the “best” conditions for healing, it is feeling a little numb right now (very light aching). So my biggest thought in hindsight is really that i probably should have put it in my Non dominant hand (L0).

On the numbness, the chip still feels solid, and if i touch the skin on one side of it, i still se the other end moving up, and i have no swelling whatsoever. If its something serious, ill keep you updated, but as for now im just gonna let my body try to fix itself :woozy_face: Anyone got Any experiences with a similar situation?


I do mechanic work. I gave mine almost a week to heal, then treated it as light as I could for awhile longer.

If I’m using the drill or impact for an extended period of time it gets achy. The trick is to grip just a little further down the handle so that there’s no pressure on the webbing of the hand. If you do that, it doesn’t bother it at all.

Other tools, wrenches, hammers, etc, don’t seem to bother at all.

I haven’t given myself a direct hit on it either, yet.

For your consideration: