Working out after new implant?

How long before it is safe to lift weights, box, grapple etc.?

You won’t want to for 24 hours,
A week is a good idea

Grappling might be a bit longer, if someone wrench’s into a still healing implant pocket, that could cause issues

I’d say minimum is 2 weeks, but best to wait 4 weeks… it takes between 2 and 4 weeks for the body to at least minimally encapsulate the chip. Disturbing this process can result in a failed encapsulation which means the chip will just be loosely migrating around under the skin… though actual outcomes rely heavily on individual body types, nutrition levels, personal healing processes, etc.

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Thanks for the help. I finally got to a city where I could have it done and didn’t plan for the time off. I figured I could get back to lifting before grappling or boxing but couldn’t find anything on it.

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When I got my Walletmor, i went to work a few hours later. That involved stacking beer crates. Although it felt fine - just the occasional slight pinching feeling - i later discovered that i ripped out one of the tree stitches. Everything healed fine, the scar is just a bit bigger than if i hadnt done this.
Purely from a healing perspective, I would avoid lifting things for at least 4-5 days. After a week, a light workout should be fine. I cant comment on migration, none of my implants moved so far.

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