Would you like to learn super basic programming?

I agreeded to teach a forum member some programming. There are alot of people here that never learned how. I’m thinking of starting a VERY basic course on here to get people started on it if they want to learn.

I once, in my youth, took a college course called Intro to Microcomputers. Lesson one was how to find and flip the giant red paddle switch to turn it on. Ke-Thunk! I intend to be that simple, so anybody can participate.

Would any of you be interested in paticipating?

My basic plan is to teach simple programs using the arduino platform. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is, it’ll be part of what I teach. I plan to take it super slow, as much for my own sanity as anything else.


You should consider using TinkerCAD Circuits. It’s a great teaching tool and doesn’t require that people have the parts on hand.

Maybe. First I need some test subje, err volunteers.

This sounds awesome! I would love to join in the edgumicashion!

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I may just float about.
I already do know some stuff but who knows, might learn a thing or two still :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, why not. I do programming but haven’t done any electronic-based lower-level things. Would it be fine if I pop in?

Everybody’s welcome. But you might find it a bit boring at first. It’ll start with something on a “hello world” level.

Ideally I’d like to work up to a RC522 based rfid module that everyone would assemble and program.


That sounds fun, I’d love to join

I’m down~

I’ll join

Even if to criticise (constructivly) the teacher


Yeah, about that.
I’ll spell it out later, but the lessons can’t turn into a free for all discussion or nobody will learn anything. I figure I’ll need to provide a separate thread for commentary and disagreement.

Nono as in I will pass you pointers back if you want them.

Really nice idea!

Yes, but proably only by DM.

That works for me :+1:

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What languages you program?
Would be nice to show users how to make their own contraptions for their implants.
Like what modules to get, make door locks or lighting triggers, mod a car, garage door, etc.

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Sing me up, buddy!

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Yeah, I admit… and old crush :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I haven’t got anything yet, implant or equipment. But I’d like to learn for the day I do get it all