xAC v2 case STL

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has designed any kind of casing for the xAC v2 board they would like to share?

I’m working on one , printing the prototype now, I’ll keep you posted if everything fits !

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@amal there is one on thingiverse


Great! Please share when you have it completed! More case designs the merrier!

Thanks for the link! Here are the files (in case that link ever dies)…

Snap+Together+Case+for+xEM+Access+Controller+v2.zip (280.9 KB)

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can confirm great design, just printed one and put it in my car. I’m pretty sure @Compgeek 's brother made it


Yep, case co-designed by myself and @PulsarForce, with Pulsar doing the modelling work.

Link should stay good, there are no intentions to pull it unless it gets updated, but no issue with it being uploaded here either or PMing us if you have troubling accessing it.

I did also start this tread but it didn’t get much traction.

Theres another design we did on here for the Yet Another Magic Toolbox that doesnt have a lid, but comes with a coil plate for the outside and uses two bolts through that to hold the PCB enclosure on the back of the panel.


Sorry for the late answer but my printer was down for a while. @amal

Here is my design.

Thingiverse link

It’s a snap on lid that blocks the XEM acces reader V2 in place, so no need for screws to hold it in place, so you can quickly pull the board out to change the jumpers if needed and let the case attatched to the car or wherever you want it.


Very nice! What sort of retention do you have on that lip? Friction fit? Small catches?

It’s a friction fit :blush:

Printed your case! I’m not sure if I put everything in correctly as it was meant to be but it seems to be working as intended.

My XEM isn’t in the proper mode to read right now but the included key-tags work great. Thanks!


Seems to me you put it together just fine ! Happy to see you like it !

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Hey everybody. So I don’t have access to a 3D printer - would somebody be willing to make one and ship it to me for a fair price?

Thanks in advance!

I would make one, but where is the shipping to?

This is an old thread, but I’m looking for two cases For the xEM V2 sent to Tucson, AZ 85739.
Would that be doable??

Thanks regardless,

Dan L