xBT installation

Economies of scale… And when you remove the cost of all the other goodies that DT includes, the labor cost of repackaging, warranty costs, and Amal’s oprtunity cost, things do get cheaper.

Seem to have left yourself out of that statement…



Guys are making me consider an xBT now


Are the non DT venders safe(ish?) given that DT wasn’t really making it


I assume that the one I posted is safe enough :slight_smile:

I mean unless someone fakes horse chips, this is a real xBT

So what’s the point of an xBT when there are laser thermometers that can do the same without the chip?

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Laser thermometers are not implantable, it’s not cool unless it’s an implant :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually lose any thermometer I buy so I always need to buy a new one each time I get sick. Having an implant that I can scan would be easier and save money for me lol

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I suppose with this a xBT is just a normal implant with temperature on the fly
you could monitor your temp long term just by logging into stuff

Funny that DT discontinued it the moment it gets useful

I almost got an xBT when the 'rona started for a quick and easy way to take my temperature, thinking I would be able to scan it with my phone. Would have been easier than lugging a thermometer around as was required for my job.

What’s the read range like in the xbt? Can you read it thru a sweatshirt for instance

I’m holding out for the disruptive nfc temp implant. They look like there sealing the glass properly (no more flame sealing) .

Wow you must get sick A Lot :wink:

Personally, I would prefer to scan with my phone, I would save my money on a trusted DT “Thermo Thing”

Amal didn’t specifically confirm this, but he implied what it was, a while back, it very much seemed to be an NFC xBT Prototype.

Again Just speculation, but Personally, I would save my money for a DT product that I can use my phone with, rather than an animal implant that you still need a specific reader for…

The Dsruptive option would be better than the animal chip for sure, BUT I know and trust Amals testing and QA process, plus the warranty, plus the Loyalty…I will wait and see if Amal is working on something.

Let me dig out the the post/ thread I am referring to


Yeah me too. Asked what their timetable was for the public release and they said Soon but I don’t know if it’s soon or soon™️

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Yeah I feel the same way I want a temperature implant and I know Amal hinted at it pretty heavy but I imagine with apex etc it’s been shelved for now.


We are on the same wavelength, My guess is once that APEX :vivokey_apexmax: is rolled out, and I again Personally feel it will be ACTUALLY SOON, we will get some more hints and teasers about what’s coming next…Thermo cool, and it does give a NEW product that we don’t really “safely” have.

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Ohhh I really got my wires crossed, I thought the xBT was nfc compatible

Hard pass for now then

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134kHz , so a 125 reader will see it ( UID ) but you will want a "proper reader to get thermal info
FYI Here’s the old link

xBT Temperature Sensing Chip - RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products

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Yea I read the one and that’s why I said what i must have had a wire crossed, all this time I thought it was 13.56 nfc

Hi guys,

So yeah, we did explore an NFC scannable temp sensor concept and got an early prototype sort of working, but there were issues… and accuracy (error margins) was one of those issues. We decided to explore a more involved device that will do far more, but after Apex form factors are officially launched (and generating revenue to fund more R&D)