xBT quick question

Then what really is the benefit? If I need to know my temp a thermometer is way cheaper and easier. Well I guess do you see a benefit to installing it?

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The xBT implant is compatible with low frequency 134.2 kHz RFID readers that support the FDX-B protocol. It’s not compatible with NFC.
Pet ID tag readers typically used by veterinarians or employees at an animal shelter to read animal RFID tags.
I use the Halo reader: https://youtu.be/6NZFBNCeC4A

A couple years ago at a conference, Amal gave a great example. Imagine if you mount a compatible reader to the door frame which scans your temperature when you arrive home. The reader detects you have a fever, an e-mail is automatically sent to your mom to ask for chicken soup.


I don’t have one, but if I did I would look at getting something like THIS for a more practical and convenient use.
It is an adapter for a phone to read 134.2kHz., but it looks like it only reads the UID and not the Temperature…but you get the idea

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Sweet. Thanks guys I have to start thinking in interesting new ways. It would be nice to track my temp at least twice a day so I can have an excuse to call out of work before I know I’m super sick and maybe beat the illnesses before they start. I dont have any implants yet so this is all super new to me. I do have 3 on their way though

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On a related note, Dangerous Things will be opening up an Odds & Ends category on the store soon for one-offs, special projects, experiments, and other non-production items.



:question: :question: :question: = HF xBT?

It is almost the size of a thermometer :thermometer:

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Just an observation :smile:




how long until @amal just encapsulates a phone? lol




I give it 2 days, max


Notice how he hasn’t denied it. Hmmmm. :mag_right:

Cleaning out the closet or taking requests? Cause that second one would be cool, but a total time killer for ya!


Actually for an experiment we did once I did end up gluing a phone with med grade skin glue to someone’s chest… stayed there for many days… it was an accelerator and sensor fusion experiment. Worked well!


Mostly just trying things… experiments which may or may not go anywhere, but the one-offs are fit for installation… that kind of stuff.


Looking forward to seeing what’s on offer. Should be some really great ideas in there…

Will we be notified via product announcements when they are up on the Webstore?
Will you be looking for feedback?
How will your manage the orders? ie. Obviously first in, first served, but how will guage the level of interest by the numbers that missed out?

I wonder if there will be any 2in1 HF/LF xLED (eg HF Red / LF Green) which would be great for “pen testing” or similar (was that subtle enough, as one of my many questions I haven’t been asking :wink: )

That almost sounds like an implantable equivalent to the diagnostic card, I like it.


2in1 HF/LF SIID would be even better, but probably too soon to hope for that as a possibility.

(WAAAYYY less subtle)

Yeah probably :slight_smile:

Probably not hahah… I mean, I have way more ideas than I have time or skill to make, but the things I’ll put up there are not going to be hodge-podge… they will be implant ready stuff… but yeah if it’s observations or whatever then sure post away… it’s just not likely most of this stuff is actually going to make it to production, so don’t be offended if the feedback doesn’t illicit much of a response :slight_smile:

Yeah FIFO but this is pop-up style… if you miss out you miss out. Some of this stuff might never be made again even if there are 1000+ people wanting it. Part of the complexity here is the price… some of this stuff I’d rather sell to someone for an affordable price than the actual cost it took me to make it… so if I sell something for $200 that cost me $3800 to prototype and $500 to make… the numbers of people that want it for $200 are going to be much different than the numbers of people that would still want it for $500… or $750 if I want to make a profit and feed my family on it… if you know what I mean… these things are complex… so the odds & ends category of products are going to be a chaotic fifo pile of as-is wild west biohacking stuff.