xBT Reading Jacket / Clothing

I know they are no longer currently being stocked : ( . But for those who have the xBT (or even this → Brady temperature sensor NFC labels potentially?) it would be an interesting idea to make specially designed jackets with a display in the wrist to check your temperature. Due to their installation there’s a general idea of where the jacket would need to be read with below armpit reading options available.

For now I await my Halo Reader from Amazon to deconstruct. And I’ll start looking into lithium ion batteries they put in heated coats! If anyone has done something similar to provide a HUD for their implants or has any advice/experience let me know!

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Some reading you may be interested in


This is monumentally helpful! Thank you! I have a lot of reading up to do for this project. Exciting!

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No problems, there is even more info here on the Forum around some temperature projects, @anon3825968 is pretty central to most of it.

It helps that he is a clever little fucker AND lives in Finland :finland: land of Snow and Saunas.

Once he sees your post, I’m sure he will be able to give you further help and direction.

It helps he also has an xBT installed :xbt:

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For what it’s worth, I Just taped a fdxB tag to the underside of my tricep, and I can read it easily through a sweatshirt with my flipper zero

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