Xbt temperature chip reading

Hello guys. I have the xbt temperature chip and a reader to know the number. Is there a site or app that i can use to know the temperature because all i got now is the chip number but no temperature readings. Thanks for the help
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You’ll need a special Halo reader or a Flipper Zero to be able to read the temperature.

That sucks firat i ordered a barcode scanner and now this :sweat_smile::joy::joy:

if you are getting into the RFID arena, I would highly reccomend a Flipper Zero over a Halo reader or Suresense.

The Halo will read easily, but it is cumbersome and not particularly practical.
The flipper will also read it easily (depending on xBT depth) and it does other RFID stuffs.

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if you only want Temperature
Have a look at the sure sense

Thank you for the info. I already ordered the halo. I want some more rfid chips. I have now walletmor, xbt, next what wil be the fourth one what you recommend?

Normally, without knowing what purpose you would have, the first Implant i would reccomend would be a NExT.

as you already have a NExT I would suggest
a FlexM1, Personally I prefer the gen2 because I only need my phone to write to it, but the gen1 is more popular but you will need a PM3, a Flipper or xCopy etc to write to it.

It would be better If I knew what you wanted to use your implant for.
Do you have a use in mind?
School, work, home access?
Vehicle start / unlock?
Business card?
Rick Rolling

The xSIID is another popular option, as it has blinky

An Apex Flex would be a good option if you want to utilise an implant for online security

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