xBT without anti-migration cap

Is this possible or is the normal implant site prone to migration? Could you remove the cap and then resterilize the implant? I think monitoring sensors are some of the most interesting kinds of implants so I really want one. However I don’t want to implant anything that would be very difficult to remove in case of any issues.

Implants do tend to migrate a little, but it is rarely an issue, the xBT has the coating because it’s sort of a repurposed implant

This may be an alternative option for you depending on some factors:

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From my understanding, the cap can be pulled off and the injector assembly should survive the plastics setting of some fancy autoclaves.

Of course, there’s always the needle and taper method that doesn’t require the injector assembly.


If you put the xBT into the arm or chest area there is typically more fat between dermal layer and underlying muscle tissue, so migration is slightly more likely… but only slight. The only reason you’d want to remove the cap in my opinion is if you wanted to be able to remove it later… but honestly after putting it into such a sensitive area why would you want to take it out?


Aww man the dsruptive implant is only in the eu.

I believe it is also still in Beta.

From what I have heard, I think you may want to wait until it is officially released anyway…

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Last I heard, I think it was semi proprietary too wasn’t it? Like it would only work with their app and stuff

Red flags :triangular_flag_on_post: for me