xEM access controller V2

Hey Amal, when are you going to announce the xEM access controller V2? :wink:


oops. soon. you win the prize for most vigilant!


Hah, I saw photos of Amal working on this in Premiere in our internal chat but didn’t even realise lol


It’d be great if it worked with tags in HID mode, I’ve only got one LF implant at the moment and I use it for my work badge.

I watched the video and rightaway I saw a shortcoming: the relay activates for 1s or 5s, but there’s no direct control like in the current xAC - as in, the relay stays activated as long as a tag is in the field, and immediately deactivate when you remove the tag.

In other words, you can’t start your car by controlling the starter motor directly with your implant with that one. It’s definitely a door lock thing and nothing else.


Looks like one of these:

Apparently if you hook up a little IR receiver to the correct pins you can use a remote to program it/control it (might not thought, could be missing that circuitry, but definitely seems to be the same circuit board)

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Today is my birthday, so I’ll get one as a birthday gift for myself :smiley:



ik wens je een gelukkige verjaardag


Thank you!

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Support Card Type: EN4100 Card or All ID Cards (125khz)

You can put it into 1 second mode and just hold your tag to the antenna… it will stay active for as long as you keep your tag there… however, it will beep a lot while doing so.


Okay, so it’s more of an added delay than an activate-delay-deactivate cycle. That’s much better. Still, it’s not ideal to turn over an engine, as the starter will keep spinning for one second after the engine has caught.

The beeper can be desoldered, no problem :slight_smile:


Looks like all the bundles (except the lifestyle, hmm) have the new image already.

I miss the round antenna already.

Any chance of an antenna cover being offered. Something to keep it looking neat and pro.

Also, random thought, you could gouge out a spot in sheetrock, lay the antenna in the hole, and mud over the top. A little sand paper and paint, and it’s invisible.

we are looking for cases that aren’t insane… but currently don’t have any options.


damn. thanks. fixing…

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What happens if you leave the 1sec / 5sec jumper off?

0 seconds?
Failure to work?

What about a 3d print file? Just to get by until something permanent comes along. Not everyone has one, but makerspaces, and some public libraries even.

6 seconds? :slight_smile:

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Maybe if @amiedd has spare time she can create an STL file and/or Lego building instructions to make a case for it :smiley:

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