xEM question for noob

Ok, not sure where to start with this… I purchased an XeM chip and a Blue Cloner to maybe start replacing the two keycards i carry around for work.

I figured the easiest thing to do would be to clone one of my cards. However, after receiving the cloner, it seems that neither card can be read by it. Luckily, I have access to one of the door systems, so I figured out how to get the implant number into our system by setting it up as a CSN credential. We were all kinda taken back by the fact that it did not have a company code associated with the number. In any case, although it would be more ideal to be able to clone my existing card (our Active Directory syncs with the door system) the implant is now working for one of the door systems.

Now, the second keycard seems to be a Keri Systems card. The readers are 125khz. From what i am reading another XeM should work for this card as well. However…this one will require being cloned as I do not have access to the door system.

If i was to purchase a ProxMark 3, would that be the thing i am needing to clone the Keri Systems Card? I assume that I would be able to clone the other card as well, but at this point i’m not positive.

I am just starting to delve into all of this and i can honestly say I’m not sure why these systems have to be so confusing.

We have a couple of our execs that are interested in maybe getting one of these implants if I can get this figured out and show them that they work.

Any help will be appreciated.


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The blue cloner doesn’t read the Keri systems card?

Will the readers on the first system read the Keri cards? Looks like Keri may have their own cards.

I definitely does not read them. Also, after trying to clone the Keri Systems card, it stopped working. I have yet to confirm whether the cloner did something to wipe the card or if it was jus a coincidence. I am going over to the other building today, so I will test whether that system even reads the Keri card. I am thinking no, since both cards are usually side by side when scanning and it has never picked up the Keri card. I will let you know what i find out.

Blue cloner did that to my work badge. Wiped it when I tried to read/copy it.

I did not get mine at dangerousthings.com

Ouch, in general I’d say if you can afford it get a pm3 easy (from DT or aliexpress), and have a bit of a play.

Blue cloners are notoriously variable, idk whether yours was from DT @bradclayco, but even if it was I wouldn’t trust it.

Agree with @DonFire, and I would add that if you get a Proxmark3 Easy from AliExpress (heavily recommend the DT one though for support/customer service, plus shipping), the one that’s generally recommended is the one from Piswords on AliExpress, and specifically “bundle1” which has the two USB ports.

They’re generally the most reliable, and they supply the correct model (rather than the 256K one).

I checked and the other system doesn’t even recognize the Keri Card.

Proxmark3 Easy has been ordered from DT. Thank you for your help @darthdomo . It is very much appreciated. Hopefully i can get the Keri card sorted and get that working with another implant.

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Hello all, me again. So i got my proxmark 3 easy. i have been having fun with it. I have gotten a FOB working with the Keri door system by cloning my badge to it. So i decided to take the next step and bought an Xem implant.

I received the implant and want to clone it and get it working before implanting it. However i cannot get the Proxmark to write to it. Initially, the implant would come back as an Indala with a bunch of RAW data. Once i got it to read that, i sent a lf keri clone -t i --cn {keri id}. Now it doesn’t seem to read anything no matter how i position the needle above the proxmark.

Anybody able to tell me what i am doing wrong?

You unfortunately can’t do it before implanting it AFAIK. The needle is metal, and just too damn good at interfering with writing/reading.

Well, crap. I never thought of that. That is good to know. Guess i will implant it and go from there.

Appreciate the reply!

The problem is probably bad coupling, which is made worse by the fact that the T5577 inside the xEM doesn’t support tear protection.
I think using a long-range antenna you could maybe read it? IDK, somebody will have to correct me if I’m wrong. You could also look into the LF biochip antenna, or even better, the DIY one

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Do you foresee me running into issues writing to it once implanted using just my PM3? I’m thinking I will be implanting this one into the knife edge of my left hand.

it might give some bad reads for a few days after implanting due to swelling and the liquids that will be around it. So don’t worry if the days after implanting it still doesn’t couple well.

After swelling goes away it goes back to normal.