Xg3 Finger install, rejection? Bad install? Or Not enough meat on my bones?

First time posting, made an accout just for this topic. This is also my first body mod, so any wisdom would be much appreciated!

Here’s a picture of the install 4 hours after the install. Taken December 8th

Here it is on the 10th

And here it is today.

I showed my (professional) installer today and they say its rejecting and that there wasnt enough tissue to install it any deeper.

Im still holding onto hope that it can be recovered, but thats my bias, because I dont think I’ve got it in me to try a finger install again. Super painful, you know.

I trust that the professional knows best, I guess im just looking to see some thoughts and opinions. I don’t want to blame the installer, but thats kind of the default assumption, and I’m looking for anything to check my sanity.


Yeah this has to come out and liberal amounts of topical antiseptic needs to be applied with a bandage for at least a week.

The installer probably made a bad call in terms of thinking a 13mm long implant would fit there. They should have evaluated the fingertip and determined it would be risky to attempt it… but just like in medicine and law, body mod is more of a practice than a science.


I was Forewarned before the install, to be fair to my installer. He definitely didn’t mislead me on the risk of rejecting. I just wish I could keep it, seeing how much pain it was and everything.

I definitely needed a sanity check because part of me really thought I can save it

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It will continue to get worse and risk of infection will only grow over time until the inevitable. Get it out asap. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t just push it out yourself.


Yeah it came out with ease after a little push. Virtually no blood or puss was present, and the cavity seemed to be about as healthy as you could imagine. Its better safe than sorry, as risk of infection isn’t worth gambling a finger over.

Whats next, as far as returning/replacing, to prepare for next install?

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Glad removal was easy. You can send it back to Amal to be resterilized.

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next , i would consider a different area for installation. Finger installs are very tricky. Even for a professional installer.

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For sure, I knew it was a gamble trying with a small finger like mine, and I’m okay with anywhere that isnt my finger.

The real bummer is having to pay and wait for it to get sent for sterilization and get prepared for installation.

In the meantime I can think about alternative locations that would still provide utility.

Damn it, if only there was a version of the magnet thats only 8-10 mm long, i would much rather have a smaller magnet at the cost of lifting power. The V2 is surprisingly strong for its size.

Fingers crossed the Titan will make a comeback. They really are amazing.


In the nicest way possible, this is the “find out” portion of the age old adage “fuck around find out”. Ballsy to attempt a fingertip install on small fingers with a big implant (I did the exact same thing with the exact same outcome)

No offense taken! Im just happy theres a community here for the support and advice. I’d def have bigger problems down the line if i didnt heed @amal 's warning.

It wouldnt be as fun to fuck around if it meant i never got to find out, so to speak

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@amal healing has been slow and gradual but I’m grateful for your advice. I think I’m ready to try an install in a safer location.

But Now I’m in another predicament. It seems as though my xG3 V2 end cap broke in its plastic first aid container after removal.

What what are my options now? I was going to go with the resterilization route, but it seems as though the universe had different plans.

Damn… if you order another one I’ll refund you 50% how’s that?


That would be sweet! I’ll get my order in later today.

I feel bad that it broke though. Is there any use for it being returned or do I have myself an expensive fridge magnet now?

or a cool as fuck fidget toy


Sadly… watch out for sharp edges

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You could use it to show people what the xG3 looks like in person. :man_shrugging:


Do you have a picture of this? Just curious how this happens with an xg3v2 in a plastic container :sweat_smile:

I had the end cap of a xg3 v2 snap off - it was in a zoplock baggy and another xg3 v1 that was in another zip lock baggy slammed into it

i think i posted pictores somewhere - let me search

Yeah if it’s just loose in a container it’s possible to be jostled hard enough to knock a cap off. This is true if any x-series, however the xG3 are not only magnetic, they are also the largest mass (heaviest) x-series… a lot of momentum compared to much lighter x-series glass encapsulated products.

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