Xg3 Finger install tips and tricks

Since finger installs are advised against. I have a hard time finding any installation recommendations regarding them. Since I don’t plan to do a finger install of my xg3 does anyone have any tips of what not to do when I don’t install it?

Obviously can’t tent a finger tip. Would like as much info as possible before going in.

@mrln has done a few and probably has some suggestions on what not to do when you don’t install it?

I msgd them a few days ago. May be afk

Yeah, he’s normally on the discord

Here’s a starter for you then, until he can answer you directly

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Can you message me his discord handle?

I self installed a xG3 V1 into my middle finger on my left hand 2+ years ago. As always I don’t recommend the self install. I nearly stopped part way through. Alligning it was difficult, and I almost had the needle come out the side of my finger on the first push. I was able to pull it out slightly readjust and complete the install. It probably took me 30-45 minutes in total if I recall correctly.

I then had a piercer install another xG3 V1 into my thumb on the same hand. Much quicker and well worth the cost of the installation.


This is almost exactly what I went through. Three times :slight_smile:

It is hard as f to start mainly for the idea of it. The pain was for me a 4/10. Once you get past the initial shock of it and push the thing in, it went well for me.

Ice, tie it up, shove it in, hold it shut till hemostasis, bandage, shot of tequila, cookie and you’re good.


How did you know how far over to place, specific nerve bundles to avoid? Or is it just stick and pray?



For gawd sakes, Jim, I’m a moron not a doctor!


I agree. Below you can see the difference of the one I did myself vs the one i payed for install(note for the self install, the first hole was too close to the side of the finger.)

I also forgot this detail. I tried to self install my thumb, but quit part way through, but I now have an xG3 fridge magnet that is cool to show off.

Self install afterwards

Paid install afterwards


I’m currently in Albania and I got no internet here

So its not easy to reach me :smiley:

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