xG3 in ring Finger

I installed the axel xg3 in my left ring finger and so far so good it can pick up a juul so it’s not bad strength wise but I got mine for sense microwaves are by far the strongest thing that I can feel so far I’ll keep you guys up on the healing process if ur interested I would upload images but it says new people can’t and idk how to use this page to well


People are always interested

Correct, I think you are limited to one per day, but it won’t take long to step up to the next level.

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I would love to see some Pictures!




i hope it heals off nicely!

Keep us updated!


its a bit early for playing with it :wink:


ah and:


Some more pics would be fantastic!

Also, how did you numb your finger if at all?

I didn’t numb it I couldn’t find anything That would work so i tied a rubber band around my finger and injected it

Ouch! Fingers are full of nerves, did you have to bite down on a leather belt or something? Haha

Got any more pics?

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No but I did yell Quite a bit sorry I haven’t been posting much I’ve been busy with work

Ok, so I just got an xG3 V2 in my hand on the knife edge 4 days ago. Seeing this really make me want to put a xG3 V1 in a finger…

Did you install a V1 or V2?

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Mines the v1

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Nice, would you ever consider install one in your thumb on the same hand? Not necessarily a “fidget spinner” but something to possibly have them interact and pass time in boredom…

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Ooooooo I was thinking about this. I have one sitting on my shelf as we speak while I’m eyeing it with intent. Do you by chance do anything active with your hands? Like do you feel it could easily break? Or do you think you could be quite rough with it without hassle?

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That would be really cool might have to try that now

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I use my hand as I normal would and I can’t see it breaking even when I skate around and fall on my hands

Nice nice. Yeah because I do rock climbing and often have to wedge my fingers and support weight with it. My fingers are luckily quite big though so I do think that’ll work in my favour

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I got my xG3 in the same spot on the other hand. The main reason I got it was to feel the electromagnetic interference from stuff. I’m an IT guy and I play with high voltage circuits for fun.

I just got a new microwave 2 weeks before I had my xd3 installed. It’s so well built, I only get a small vibration. I was disappointed in that, but then I decided to test out a knockoff laptop power brick. That did the trick. I swear the magnet had to be moving as hard as it could.

I’d highly recommend using/getting a cheap Chinese laptop power adapter just to get that feeling. The cheaper the better. Lol

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