xG3 in the finger healing

So a little over a week ago I got my xG3 implanted in my finger. The piecer said it wasn’t supposed to go into the finger because the needle was too big, but I got it anyway :joy: I was just wondering if anyone else have tried it and how long it took for them to be able to press a button again?


Congrats on the implant!!

I have not tried it, and I can remember 2 people posting about it on here. I am on mobile, and my search was short and not filled with results.

The first persons is ok. They have it in the pad of their ring finger, (if I remember correctly) and it is fine as far as I know.

The second person had to the theirs our due to rejection.

Do you have pictures?

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Thanks for the reply, I can finally kinda use it to press on a keyboard again if im careful :slight_smile:

My finger loks like this right now, i cant remove the black blood, since it still hurts too much on the tip



How is it going?

Any News?