xG3 injection into nose bridge

I have been looking into getting a bridge piercing, but then I thought - what about implanting a Titan or xG3 there. I am thinking the xG3 would go across the space without being too obvious.

Has anyone done it?

Would the Titan or xG3 be a better fit in that space between the eyes on the nose?

I have no idea if it would work to detect magnetic fields, but I am interested in finding out :wink:

Im thinking that it might be better to try for the place just under the monobrow place (kind of between the third eye position and the bridge) just because I think the 15mm would be too long to go in that place without poking out the sides (not what I want)


I have no experience with the titan, but you’d more than likely have an incredibly difficult time fitting an xG3 in either of the places you mentioned. Even if you could, the placement over bone would make the glass more prone to breaking. I’m sure someone here can give insight into the titan, but I’d recommend against the xG3 in that location

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My first thought was, don’t get into a fight, my end up with a broken implant along with a broken nose XD
But I remember someone telling me they dropped a heavy gas tank on their xG3 and the implant was fine.
Second thought was, might make you sneeze every time you use the microwave! XD
Now I want one there too because I love the feeling of sneezing haha
I have no actual input on pros or cons, but would love to hear about your experience if you do install a magnet in the nose area!


We recently had another body piercer join the forum, she might have some experience in that area. @Jessica_Rabid
Conveniently enough, she and a few others are have a meet up in Melbourne today, just down the road from you, so maybe you could all discuss your face case if you can make it:wink:

EDIT: Ha, I just saw that you saw that thread.
I hope you can make it…

@Eyeux may also have a suggestion.

A selfie with some measurements may help. :man_shrugging:

x 3mm

Do you have a piercer lined up? going to them with the implant dimensions, you should be able to get a good idea of what is possible…

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That’s an interesting one!

Just to make things clear… by “nose bridge” we are talking about the actual fleshy region between the eyebrows, right?

So… the tricky bit is not only finding out if you have enough flesh there, but also where are your expression lines. because the implant will not play ball if there’s any expression lines crossing it.
Might range from ok with a slightly longer healing period to outright rejection.
In some people I would actually inject it sideways in that region, depending if your anatomy is large enough.

Assuming you have enough meat there and good expression lines… Then it’s still an “experimental placement” where a lot can go wrong, but I see it as a very plausible one (i.e. I do have plans to get either an LED nail or my Titan re-implanted exactly there).

In which case, what are some of the major issues I see wit thhat?

  • You move that area a LOT, far more tan you think you do. So the initial healing period will be critical and we cannot just immobilise the forehead as we do our thumbs. This can cause from longer healing, to outright rejection or, which would be potentially dangerous in that area… Migration.

  • your nose bone-to-cartilage junction lies there and there is a gap where muscle ends and thhhere is a cance for something like an Xg3 (cylindrical) to just slip past and break through membranes and ending up in a very uncomfortable spot. that could go from just a minor nuisance to outright damaging your cartilage… hence why I would potentially see a horizontal injection, if your anatomy accepts it, as a better go.

  • Which takes us to the next item: if you are concerned with getting into a brawl, then the Xg3 being more resilient than your cartilage, and potentially even more resilient than your bone at a particular spot it sits on… will make so that receiving a simple punch on top of it might have the same effect as someone being punched with some brass knuckles. It will make it easier to break your cartilage, will crush the muscle below it, and would also have potential to make damaging your skull a little bit easier.

  • About the Sneezing… if it’s vibration would make you sneeze, then you probably have it badly placed. On the other hand, you might start hearing noises.

  • These noises are a good example to illustrate another less obvious issue with that placement: Whenever faced with a constant “alert” or “perception input”, our brains tend to learn to ignore it. So if you constantly feel that tingle in a region where you don’t often feel anything else… your brain will start ignoring it with time. I do have a writing about that and my wrist implant experiment somewhere (where I’m sure @Pilgrimsmaster will link here since I am typing this reply while on mid travel).
    Said effect might make it so that you will feel less and less the magnet. This would be particularly true for people sporting bangs or “eye-length hair”. (Actually you can just ask someone who has bangs if they feel their bangs… they don’t. Then find someone who has just cut bangs for the first time… they feel it constantly)

  • Aesthetically as well… it will be very nitid. Because we want the glass walls as far away from bone/cartilage because of the side effects of mechanical trauma forcing one to press against the other, then this would become a very superficial implant and thus would probably become very visible.

I’m just brain dumping it here tbh since I’m mid-journey, so please do correct me if anyone notice something weird, or ask away if I lacked clarity/forgot something!

Also, just to be double clear…
On the best case scenario we are still talking about a very “experimental” placement!

And welcome onboard @Jessica_Rabid !! Always great to have more piercers around!!

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you’re a legend, @Pilgrimsmaster !!

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That’s because, medically speaking, sneezing is the only other type of orgasm in humans!


And the only one that you can do in public without someone complaining about it.


Try finally getting a pebble out of your shoe after a long day’s walk!
I would not trust any medical professional that tells me that ain’t an orgasm! :triumph:

And with that said, it might be time to drag this derail to proper channels? XD