Xg3 non sensing implant locations

So I’m coming up on my install-a-ganza

One of the to be installed is a xg3

I’m 95% sure I just want it in my forearm
Honestly to work like a small parts magnetic tray seems amusing and worth while to me

But I’m curious, should I expect any sensing effect even in a non nerve rich location such as my arm?

I’m not opposed, just curious what to expect

I won’t lie, @mrln s finger implant went a lot smoother than I expected, I’d be slightly more interested if It wouldn’t be a pain in the ass with the parts I work with always sticking to my finger on accident


My hands are really big.

The gloves i have to wear are size 12.

I was thinking alot if it would fit in my finger, then i 3d printed a model, and that made me sure it would fit.

With smaller hands (or less hand fat) i could be not so easy / the skin could stretch.

on my finger you cant even see it.

Most glove scales only go to size 11.

if you wait some time i can tell about the sensing capabilities in my case.

The microwave was really crazy as i wrote already, but i didn’t felt anything else. (switching powersupplys, fuseboxes, toaster etc)

I can try a 380V 50hz three phase rotary current cable with about 10kw load the next days

Also i have a 5KW PA Soundsystem in the basement with some 18" drivers. im gonna try them :smiley:

Found these two threads for you. Not much info on what you are looking for, unless I do not know where to look.

I think the answer is, potentially. Seems hit or miss as to if you will feel anything.

Sadly I have no xG3 in my arm (until now…but why not :thinking: :grin:) ,but as I said somewhere else in the forum I have currently four xG3 in my left hand. All professional installed (which is important to get the best comfortable placement and connection to a nerve without damaging it!) and I’m really happy with all of them. No discomfort at all. But healing took some time. I didn’t play around with them during this process, to avoid any damage to the healing nerves around in those areas.

This locations could solve your problems, you might be able to sense certain fields (if it’s implanted correctly) and you have nothing sticking to your finger by accident!

Special notes: The one in my index finger is reeeeealy sensitive,also the skin above the magnet there has become nearly as sensitive as a fingertip, which feels awesome when I compare these fingers. But the blue marked ones give me more feedback as the red marked one on my picture here. But when I turn and twist my hand enough I feel less or more from the red marked one.
Interesting here is something that I found out yesterday by accident: I was on the microwave oven of my mom, and played around with my magnets a little bit. She touched my hand and felt a little vibration near my fingers, but when she came across the red marked xG3 she felt a much stronger vibration! She said that this is very cool and that she would like to have a magnet implant now too. (I will ask her again today, and if she was not joking, I get her one for Christmas!) :joy: Hope this might be helpful in some way for you!?


Interesting… I’ve never heard about those 3 blue locations for magnets - got any pictures / thoughts on the installation process? Where is the injection site?

Also how big are your hands / fingers? I thought my hands were small, and after my first install I’m not so sure any more…

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Well now you heard about it :wink: but jokes aside, it was experimental and I didn’t know before what I could expect from locations like that. The first one I got was in my index finger. BTW: All of them were done without any numbing so I was able to feel if something would go wrong, but it all went very well.
It was not painful in my opinion, but I can stand a lot of pain, because I have some issues with painkillers. So I didn’t use them again since I had a possible allergic reaction as I was about 16 years old… Anyways… The next one I tried was the magnet in the back of my hand between the knuckles. Also not painful at all. The one in the middle finger was my third magnet, even less painful than the previous two! And the funny thing about it, it’s on the side of the bone (think it would be very uncomfortable and also risky when it would be sitting on top of the bone there.
The one in the thumb was a little bit uncomfortable during install and it still sticks out a tiny little bit, but that feeling I had there was only because it’s really close to a nerve! That’s why I would recommend definitely a professional install in such tricky locations.

Yes, but they are a bit blurred sadly. But I check again, maybe I add some of them here then later on…

Nearly invisible by now. The scar on the thumb is also getting less visible since I had it implanted. The incisions where made by a (at this point) experimental type of scalpel / needle hybrid (which my husband is working on right now. It might become a product very soon especially designed for the use of body modification, a German scalpel blade company is involved to make a public product of them)
After the first incision and creating a little pocket, the original xG3 needle was inserted to enlarge the existing pocket which was not painful either.
It was also done without a finger tourniquet, but it didn’t bleed much. Only a few drops.

I have not so big hands and especially the fingers are veeeery skinny. Maybe I add something here to give you a better comparison… Let me sort something and I get back to this point later on. :grinning:

Time that I finish my video about my magnets. :thinking: short preview screenshot of the vid…

Yeah, well…

:crazy_face: I’m crazy and I know it… :rofl:


Thanks for trailblazing ShaakPsi :blush:


I decided to make a follow up post since the previous one is long enough, adding more infos here then.

My xG3 magnet video exactly HERE!

And here a picture to explain.

I marked the magnets black here, incision are marked with white arrows. (I tried to make the black markers approximately as big as the xG3 is, so you might be able to imagine how big my hands / fingers are.


Definitely the best xG3 magnet video that I have ever seen.
Great share :+1:


Just fyi guys… we are working on xG3 v2… probably available in January. You can see from the video with the viewing film (I’m now getting some of that film!) that the xG3 is axially magnetized.

This was done to sort of allow the xG3 to act as both a sensing magnet and a lifting magnet… with the ability to push and pull lengthwise to any modulating field encountered.

The xG3 v2 will be diametrically magnetized, and it will work much better as a lifting magnet. The xG3 v2 will not push or pull but spin in place when opposing fields are encountered, which in a fully healed fibrous encapsulation, will not do much to activate tactile nerves… but the lifting power will be much much stronger.


So, like:

xG3 v1

xG3 v2


Lol, that’s all cool…

But I was asking about my arm

Should I expect to feel ANYTHING even in my arm with less nerves?


I would say yes… If you get near a field that is powerful enough to vibrate the implant.

No vibration, no feeling.

Yeah, sorry I didn’t expect that my post would go in such a direction… :sweat_smile:

As mostly I think it depends on the location and a good placement there. BUT…

…also no nerves, no feeling…

I remember last year I had a very annoying conversation with someone who had a xG3 inside of the hand (yes okay again not inside of the arm… But…)this person said that there is no feedback at all. Absolutely zero feedback! I couldn’t believe it but meanwhile I think it could be possible. But that location was a area with no big nerves somewhere near the knife edge… This person said absolutely no feeling there. In the arm it’s even more difficult to place the magnet near a nerve… So I think you might feel nothing at all, or only a little bit. That’s why I tried to give a other option where the magnet is not in the way like inside of a fingertip.

But also I remember that some beta testers had the xG3 somewhere in the arm near the wrist… (Where are they right now? They should be able to answer your question…but since no one answered who has it in the arm I wanted to show you other options…(sorry if my locations are not helpful for you.)

Haven’t heard anything about sensing from them if I remember correctly. So most likely you will end up with no, or only a little feedback from it inside of the arm. But I can’t tell you for sure because I can only judge my placements…

Do the nerves not go throughout your body? Hence why I can feel a bee sting me anyplace?

I understand that it being closer to a nerve will give better feedback. But if I put a xG3 on top my forearm, I would argue that if it vibrates, I should be able to feel it. It would be next to a nerve of a sort, just might not be a sensitive one.

No, It won’t be a sensing magnet vibrations or feeling. I just struggle to think I wouldn’t feel anything if it was vibrating.

It’s related to the density and type of the corpuscles in that area. Different nerve corpuscles are tuned for different frequency ranges, and if I recall correctly the ones we’re interested in for sensing magnets are the Meissner’s corpuscle, which are only present in certain areas/layers of your skin


That makes sense. I guess I figured if it vibrates, it would get felt if it was strong enough.

By no means would an implant in my forearm be used to try and sense fields, it would be like a one off sense if that makes sense?

Meissners are for fine touch and low frequency vibrations;
Pacman ( Damn always forget this one, but Pacman is close ) are for heavy pressure high frequency vibration.

Pacinian close enough…


Sorry I was a bit tired when I wrote this, of course nerves are nearly everywhere also inside of my body :sweat_smile:

Thanks for clarifying. This was what I had in mind but I didn’t find the right words for it yesterday and then I forgot to edit my post before going to work tonight. (damn night shift…)


No worries.

I am dealing with Nerve damage and stuff in my leg right now. That is partly why I am trying to inquire more.

I agree with you that a xG3 in the arm will likely not feel a microwave. But if a transformer blows out next to you, I bet you would feel that. That is all I was getting at.

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