xG3 Sensing Capabilities


Has anybody had any results with this?


I have a friend with sensing magnets (fingertip) and the xG3. She has not gotten any kind of sensation from the xG3.


Where is the xG3 installed?


I have xG-3 and sometimes I have tingling.
Sometimes I have pain if the magnetic field of a magnet put in contact with my xG-3 is too intense.


One on the outside of the hand towards the blade and the other installed on the other side of the bone nearest the blade of her hand.


I have no typical sensing magnet (in my fingertip) but I have an xG3 (still in healing process, because it’s on a very sensitive location of my hand) I have no chance to compare these two types of magnets in daily life, but I can say about my experience with the xG3, I feel definitely a vibration coming from the magnet when I’m near a microwave oven or many other electric things. Since last week I have a small but noticeable vibration, that I don’t had before, when I start and close the camera mode on my smartphone or in some other moments like opening the status mode in WhatsApp. In the beginning there was not much to feel/sense because of the normal damage that any implantation do inside the of the body. I have 9 RFID implants + the xG3, and most of them caused (only in the beginning) a numbish feeling at the implant area, that disappeared during the healing process. The vibration of my xG3 is still getting stronger day by day also the lifting abilities. Until now I had not the chance to test the xG3 near any security gate or similar, but I will try this asap. The only thing I can imagine, if someone feels nothing and I say really “NOTHING” from the xG3, is when it’s located somewhere with not enough nerves nearby.


Hi! I’m that friend.

I have the sensing magnets in my ring fingers, and the xG3s on the back of my hands. And I do not have sensory from them.

Init6 told me some people are having “vibration” but this is nothing like what the “sense” is like.


Okay to be more clear… As I mentioned above I have no sensing magnet in my fingertip so I CAN’T COMPARE what other people feel with them. But I have one xG3 for over one month now and another xG3 implanted five days ago. As I also said above I feel tingling and vibration coming from the xG3’s (both of them are on different locations in the same hand) when I’m close to the microwave oven or other things that are electric in some way.
And to clarify another thing: When I am close with this hand to something like a other magnet, I have a strong feeling like a “bubble” when the magnets are pushing or pulling from and to each other. So there is definitely many different things what someone can feel/sense with an xG3…

Also a thing to remember: The xG3 and a regular sensing magnet have different shapes. So with this fact their own (inner) magnetic fields are definitely different! (And maybe this is a reason why they feel different)
My first xG3 was implanted in a very nerve rich area of the hand and the second one I have in the back of my hand too (this area has not much nerves!) . Even they feel different to me by now (the second one must heal first before I really can compare these two)

Or in short form:
The fingertips are the MOST SENSITIVE part and the back of the hand is compared to this VERY LESS SENSITIVE.

That might be a reason why someone who has a sensing magnet feels something different. I can imagine that the pure sensing magnet feels stronger and a brain with that “strong knowing” don’t recognize the smaller signals that are coming from the xG3. But simply saying that there comes NOTHING from an xG3 is definitely not true. Better saying it might be a different feeling.
(My opinion.)