xG3 trying to push out

I’ve just implanted my xG3. However it seems to be trying to push out of the insertion point.

Any suggestions?? Kind of urgent lol.

Thank you!

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Picture at all?

So the injector came a little close to the surface but it doesn’t seem to be effecting it at all besides a little blood blister.

The top, where it’s bleeding is the entry point and the implant was trying to push through. I pushed it as hard and deep as I could and I’m now holding pressure to try to slow down the bleeding. I think with this, it might seat the implant in place a little below the opening where it’ll hopefully stay. I just hope I can close it and it will stop bleeding and the implant will stay in place.

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I see @Backpackingvet is replying, Remember None of us are doctors, so we can only give you, commonsense advice / what WE would do advice / from our own experience advice, but by no means, should you consider it medical advice.

BPV has some good medical knowledge, so I’ll leave him to it.
Good luck with it though :+1:


Ah shoot, saw you replying so I was going to bed.

Yeah hold pressure if you can. Don’t be surprised if it rejects. It doesn’t look like you made a home for it with the needle. Coming close to the other side may mean you are not deep enough also. Just keep real close eye on it. Not a doctor, just reminding you of first aid tips.


Added some of this elastic bandage I usually use for my tattoo guns, this should keep some pressure on it.

How will I know if it rejects? That’s when it protrudes and I just have to remove it?

Also, the implant itself is deep somewhere in there, it’s not close to the surface of the skin at all, I can only find it if I push down on the finger.

Thank you!

I have not much reassuring to say.

Did you do your research before injecting? Not trying to be rude, but I saw you have a 4 hour read time here, and were just asking about the lido. I just want to make sure you read up on it all.

I would imagine if it rejects, healing won’t happen correct, and it will push its way out, or the skin on top will die? Not exactly sure.

I know you say it is deep down, but think of what you did to your finger, the swelling that is there too.

The reason it looks shallow to me is because the implant is decently long, and I have large hands, so I just feel to have the bezel come back up, and leave that mark, is meaning you have a short pocket.

Just do what you can with pressure and hope for the best. But with it groundhogging out of there, makes me wonder.


Just a quick note too that you should read up on lidocaine toxicity and signs of infection. If you see any symptoms, go to hospital immediately. Not saying it looks that way to me, but something to be aware of. Any of those symptoms require immediate care instead of a forum post.


Thanks guys. I only used about 2 ML of lidocaine so I think I’ll be good. The reason it’s swelled up is because I put about 1ML of lidocaine in the fingertip and .5 at either side of the base of the finger. I didn’t feel the injection of the implant at all.

I’ll look up symptoms to watch for for the next few days and make sure it doesn’t groundhog. As of right know it’s not groundhogging anymore. I think when I really started pushing it in, I got it where it needs to be.

Time will tell, Pressure is good, Just make sure you are not cutting off circulation.
It shouldn’t be tourniquet tight!

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Also, I’ve been around for quite a bit, my read time is low because I keep forgetting to sign in. But I can say most of you guys that commented, I’ve seen a lot of your posts and comments and I’ve heard lots of stories about your implants. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a lurker :eyes:


I just like to ask.

Education and information will lead to less accidents, and situations like this. ( just saying I feel a proper install wouldn’t let it pop out.)

Again, not personal. Someone down the line may have this same problem, so it could be beneficial when they search here.

I ain’t passing a judgment on you. End of the day, your body, your choice.


Absolutely, and I know what went wrong lol, I should’ve sunk deeper than coming up too close to the surface of the needle, then applying pressure prior to removal of the syringe would’ve held the implant in place I’m sure.

I’ve read online that ibuprofen has no adverse effects with lidocaine so I’ll take some to help with the swelling and take some for the next few days as well as a vitamin supplement to hopefully support fast healing. With intervals of 30 minutes, I’m loosening pressure from the elastic bandage and eventually I plan on putting on the bandage that came with the kit once the bleeding had been minimized.

Thank you all for the help and advice, and if anyone has any more, it’d be really appreciated. Let’s hope this thing heals and doesn’t reject. If it does, ehh. It’s a learning experience.

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Please do come back and keep us updated.

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I would keep a very watchful eye on that one and rush to a doctor at the first sign of nastiness. It doesn’t look good to me.


Yes. Rejection can take a few forms. If it’s sticking out of the wound more than an hour after the insertion the skin almost certainly isn’t going to close around it. If it does close, but as the back of the wound channel heals over the next 2-3 days it pushes the implant up against the skin covering the opening it may look like this:

That’s a sure sign of rejection. Another sure sign would be excessive redness or soreness spreading up the extremity, because that’s an infection and you would need to go to a doctor who will probably remove the foreign body to be safe before antibiotics.

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Thank you! And as Rosco recommended, I’ll watch it carefully. At this point in time, I managed to take the gauze off and put a bandaid on it.

It didn’t look like anything was protruding or anything so I guess that’s good. The lidocaine is wearing off and it’s definitely a sore one. In about 12 hours or so, I plan to remove the bandage, wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol, take a quick little inspection and then rebandage. I’ll try to remember to take a picture and post it to show the healing progress.

Thanks again everyone for all the support!


Might not make much of a difference, but I’d take something that doesn’t dry out the skin as much as that :wink: You spoke about your tattoo guns, so I guess you work at a studio - why not get yourself a bottle of piercing cleaning spray, it’s much better for the skin^^


Yes! I cleaned it yesterday it it looks really good. The bottom blood blister is empty, so the implant isn’t there, it’s deeper in the skin so I’m happy about that. On the insertion side, I don’t feel the implant at all.

I’m hoping it closes up and builds a wall to be safe so nothing pushes either direction. But so far looks so good.

No signs of infection, bruising isn’t too bad. I haven’t gotten a picture but I’ll be posting one either the end of the day today or tomorrow when I put another fresh bandaid on it.


I might be a little late here but something that I don’t see recommended very often here and that really helps is to keep it elevat5 for the first 2-4 days. Prevents swelling (and pain in my cases).