XG3 V2 Finger Installation, Process+Vid

As to not muddy up the install videos thread.

Last night i installed the Xg3 V2 in the pad of my left hand ring finger, left of the bone nearest the middle finger.

Location Choice

I wanted to get the most out of the sensing of this particular madnet, as well as my particular use case i see more value with it in a finger for picking up small screws and items. Titans are not available, with no timeline of availability. I read multiple topics on the matter and was warned by @mrln that it should not be installed here. However, i saw those that used this location did not regret it.

Installation Process

I have available to me a vial of lidocaine, however what i have available has epinephrine in it. I am fortunate to have a close cousin who is a hand surgeon (who while wasnt against me performing these installs reccomended that the anus may be a better suited place for them as i can likely put all the DT Implants there at once evenly spaced 5mm apart) and he offered this great bit of advice and warning. Using Lidocaine with Epi in the pad of the finger will kill the finger. So, i did not.

About an hour before the install i had a bowl of cereal and a glass of water.

I then used two small rubber hair ties and wrapped them around the base of my finger.they stayed there for 15m prior to the installation.

Before i began i sprayed both hands down with 70% ISO and let them air dry. I did this twice.

Next i hit record on my capture card and started recording.

First line of buisness was to open the box, layout the supplies. the supplied Drape was nice, as not to mess up my deskpad. I prepared all the items, opened the gauze, alcohol swap, unpackaged the needle (Triple checked the plunger retainer was not in place).

I made a mark on my finger for insertion point, and desired location so i knew how far to place the needle. (this was pointless, the sharpie tip was too big, and the alcohol wiped it away). I basically halfed the distance from the side of my finger and the middle of the finger. From confering with my hand surgeon cousin this would severely limit the possibility of nerve damage. There are two main nerve bundles in the finger. From this particular location the main nerve bundle is more lateral, the other is on the other side of the figer. Both branches arborize past the white of the nail so it is impossible to avoid every little branch bit it isnt an issue.

Once i believed i was ready, i removed the safety cap of the needle and began.

This part was long and difficult. There was no blood, also no pain. I triple checked my insertion point as i was applying pressure to the needle point. bevel went in smooth but seemed to slow down significantly as i reached the back of the bevel, i am familiar with this from my other implants. Just needed to push through.

Once i reached past the bevel point i took a breather. This was where i needed to ensure my trajectory was straight. I didnt want to be concerned with migration and i wanted the path to be precise. I chose Bevel up on the needle to limit tissue abrasion while the pocket was created. using the bevel as a guide to keep the needle straight. I found myself either fighting mentally, or it really was that difficult to push through.

This was the point i believe a vasovagal response was about to occur. I didnt feel sick or light headed, just started to feel off… So I started alternating my legs and feet tensing up as much as i could and releasing, tensing and releasing, i also started tensing my abs, and toes, holding each tensed position and releasing. I did this all while pushing the needle in but the feeling went away almost immediately and i forgot to continue doing this.

I had to apply immense pressure on the needle, while also applying pressure to my finger to help coax it through. This i believe is where lube would have helped tremendously.

I reached my intended destination and sighed with relief. I then began depressing the plunger as i slowly removed the needle from his new comfy position. As i reached the near tip of needle from exiting the finger, i grabbed my gauze, placed it over the entry hole and removed the needle the rest of the way.

I applied gently pressure for around 30 seconds. I then located the bandage i was to use. I also located the XG3 3d printed version of the impant i made and i placed it horizontally between the implant and my insertion point. i didnt want the implant to rush to the entrance hole once i took the finger tourniquet off. I placed the bandage on, and then removed my hair ties.

Overall… experience was solid. Rewatching the footage, the install took a little over 5 minutes from insertion to exit. pain was a 0/10. i think i hyped myself up more prior to the install reading and confering with my cousin.

I will however echo @mrln This implant shouldnt go in the finger. It is far too big, and if a Titan was available to me i would have used that instead.

Since i recorded the entire install here it is start to finish. As well as my 3wk old boy grunting and groaning in the background.


One Day After install.

Hyper sensitivity to touch. When i changed the bandage this morning i moved the PLA XG3 that i pritned to be vertical next to the implant to help it retain its position to the left of center of my finger. Held in place with Surgical tape over the bandaid.

I changed the dressing a couple times today as i felt the swellign putting pressure on my finger the bandage was just getting tighter.

by my evening shower i replaced the band aid with a steri-strip, cleaned with an alcohol swab, and removed the plastic XG3 entirely. Quite a bit of swelling but no heat, no pain, just very sensitive if bumped or hit.

The incision mark is clean. A small cresent smile. i made sure when removing the needle to help coax the skin fold that may have occured and assist the healing process.

Since i am 24hr exactly from install i expect swelling at this point is at its highest. and will go down drastically the next couple days.

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Two days post install.

Swelling has gone down.

Finger isn’t hyper sensitive to touch.

Sight numbness near joint.

I’ve removed both the bandage and steristrips and am just using New skin. Which is like a painted on barrier substance that hardens over the wound.

There is still some swelling. Still no pain just some discomfort when it is bumped. Finger feels larger than it is from the swelling.

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Hahaha your cousin funny af :joy: all your implants in your anus :joy:

This is day 3 since installing.

Swelling has went down significantly. Sensitivity is now localized to just the incision and area where the implant has cozied into.

No longer bandaging the area, using New skin or steri strips, just letting it dry normal.

I won’t update past today as I feel the install went very smooth and from this point on is just going to be my body healing the incision and shedding the dead skin

After care

Once the incision is healed over I’ll likely start running some A&d healing ointment on the inclusion to help the process move a bit faster. I’ll put it on at night and I’m the morning and just let it be and not wrap it. I feel like the area needs air and is healed enough to protect from the environment.

The next day or two I may apply New skin if I’m giving one of my kids a bath, but it’s just business as usual going forward.

This was a fun install. More challenging than any of the others but it’s possible to do yourself. Just not recommended.


One week update.

Entrance wound is all but healed.

Skin is starting to shed around the healed area.

I’ve been very diligent in keeping the xg3 in the center on my finger a good distance away from the entrance.

I can feel fluid within the cavity that was created around the xg3 in the space that it does not occupy. It doesn’t hurt but it’s definitely bulging the skin in those areas so very minor swelling.

Where the entrance wound is it is almost completely numb. This is expected as that area severed some of the arborized nerve branches. This will heal and they will regrow.

Overall I’m very happy with the install. It was definitely spicy and I highly recommend doing your due diligence of you decide on the same location please read up.

Also do not use injectable lidocaine with epi on any finger… I only saw this mentioned once in all the posts I’ve read but I want to make sure that’s reiterated here.