xHT - HiTag Questions

Was interested, anyone have experience with the xHT? whats the hand gymnastics / read range like?

Most LF chips have a slightly better range than HFs. Guess it’s the same with the xHT, normal hand movement and quite a good range (1-2cm) depending on the reader.

That’s what i was thinking too. Readers at work are pretty strong. Whelp there goes more money haha.

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Hey there, HiTag has not been particularly popular on here, but it is not a bad little chip, just not particularly common for “our uses”

They are more common with Pet IDs and pigeon racing etc.

What is your use case for it? Just in case we can nudge you toward something more suitable…


Just saw that you moved it to a different topic. Thanks.

I have two different use cases for it at the moment. I’m a installater for access controllers at the moment. My work has a alarm system that doubles as accesses control. The badge I have at the moment is a hitag 2 and only lf readers.

The second is for a Paxton systems that I install/where I have contacts with the admins.

On a side note still busy with my xSIID on a identiv system but that a whole different thing.
Probably going to install it at the same time as my walletmor.

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I don’t personally know enough about Hitag 2 or their readers to know if a Hitag1 would be compatible/backward compatible with them.

“I know” a little bit more about Paxton.
I believe they are /can be dual frequency and compatible with a few DT products.
The LF side EM and HID so xEM, Next etc
The HF side, I think Mifare Classic and possibly maybe DesFire, but I am not sure if it is EV1 or EV2. So xM1, FlexM1

You are lucky enough to be in a position where you can enroll andhave access to people that can enroll your implants…
Just let me do some quick “Proper” Research, and I will hopefully have some better answers for you.

In the mean time, if you have a Diagnostic card with you can you test the PAxton Readers, to check if it is reading LF and HF.

Also as a access system installer, do you have in you tool bag a set of Test cards you can use to enroll and confirm compatibility?


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OKay, so I just checked the Compatibility Matrix Sheet, and the Paxton P38 system on there has been confirmed with the Mifare Classic 1k, from this link

not to say it is not compatible with other systems, It just hasn’t been confirmed yet ( please let us know if you manage some more success)

It looks like I was on the right track with the Paxton system, I found this

From this document
Paxton.pdf (182.1 KB)

(I have also put it in the .pdf repository)

With regards to the Paxton, it looks like you have a few options.
I also found this, which looks like you have to activate it with a licence in the form of an access card…

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I don’t know why but I thought it was a hitag 2 for some reason.

This is correct, majority is dual frequency but they use a rebranding of the hitag 2 as there brand badges. My ultra light C is also compatible. Although there is a fair about of “hand gymnastics” needed because the most common ones here are battery powered.

Paxton had a family of readers that are standalone. You buy one license with a number of card ie 50. With one master card. To add/delete cards and/or block all other cards.

Majority are multi frequency. Though.

I pulled the data sheet for the readers we use at work up and they are definitely using hitag 2(although it says they are using a 4 byte Id so I’m wondering if I could getaway with a em) Im looking into if they are backwards compatibile with hitag 1.

Heres the data sheet for the reader:

Looks like I will soon.

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