xHT HITAG S2048 as pet chip

I’m looking for info on using the xHT HITAG S2048 Chip as a pet ID chip.
The specs page say it can be read with a pet chip scanner.
What extra benefit can I get from this chip that a regular pet id chip does.

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I know it’s possible to program the HITAG 2 in such a way that it responds to FDX-B readers, however they will not provide any additional benefit to those scanners. In theory you could still use some of the HITAG features outside of the pet scanner application, but honestly using those features would require a very special reader anyway.

You might consider the T5577 since you can program it as FDX-B as well using the proxmark3.

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Personally, I would go for an xBT
THIS would give you the added benefit of temperature


They are out of stock :frowning_face:

I would also consider an xMagic
Write the T5577 side as FDX-B
Write the MFC1k side as NDEF and write a secret message, or contact details, or cold storage for your Crypto millions

Or just get an xEM and write it like Amal said

Using @LabRat great idea, write a personalized UID

with your xHT, you might be able to start your car with your dog :wink:


That made me snort the tea I was drinking out of my nose!


Can I ask why you want an expensive, highly sophisticated, human chip for a pet?
The human chips typically will come without the treated surface that stops the animal chips from migrating round their bodies.
I don’t know what the laws are like where you are but here it would be difficult for a private citizen to add a non-pet chip to the pet chip database, so the purpose that most people use them for - being reunited with their lost pooch - would be nullified.

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Well, if it’s a Kia you wouldn’t even need the dog.

Why, are KIAs really easy to open/start? I have a KIA and I’m hoping you say yes.

Apparently, once you pop off they key cover on the side, you can use a USB-A connector (that fits perfectly over the key start) to fire it up.


(random image off the net when searching for “hotwire kia with usb-a”

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Can you provide a link to programming the chip this way?

I have friends who want to be chipped with pet id chips and the light up factor would be an extra bonus for them. Yes this probably sounds odd, but hey it makes them happy.

the t5577 can be programmed to act as an fdx-b using the Proxmark Repo or a flipperzero

The xEM or NExT contain the T5577 chip capable of being programmed as an fdx-b animal ID chip, however we don’t have any low frequency chips that also have an led. Your best bet would be to install one of the above mentioned chips and then install a low frequency xLED nearby.

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No judgement here. The LF side of my xMagic currently reads as my dog’s pet ID tag.

I used a Flipper zero to copy it across. If you buy a Flipper I recommend buying a genuine new one from the Flipper site or LAB401 as there are many scammers out there looking to steal your money.

Keep in mind that you would then read as a clone of an actual pet. Changing it to an ID number of your choice would probably require a Proxmark3 which you can get in the Dangerous Things store (again, this is the safest place to buy) and depending on the chip you choose you may be able to get a bundle deal.

The Flipper can do custom IDs through the add manually menu (isoFDXB) :3

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Good to know.
In that case, if you’re new to all this I would go for a FlipperZero :flipperzero_white: which does this and a bunch of other stuff really easily. If you already know your way around the CLI, go for the all-powerful Proxmark3.

for ease of use i would say get a flipper too, the proxmark is a mighty powerful tool but friendly it is not.

the flipper will wait around until it finds your chip to do any writing, the proxmark you’ve got to find the chip yourself and make sure you don’t loose it mid connection lol

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