xM1 Availability & flexM1 as alternative


Im new here, and am currently debating getting an Implant.
I couldn’t help but notice that the xM1 seems to be completely out of stock since a while ago.
I read the updates about bad chips in '17 and the posts about tge following supply issues, but couldnt find any follow-up posts.

Have there been any updates since?
Is it discontinued?

I’ve seen the flex version is still available, but I am hesitant because of the size - it is almost as big as my R0 (am I using that right?).
What is your experience with either of these chips, and how does the implant feel day-to-day?
Like a ring, or armband? Like a weird lump? Or not at all?
Do they ever act up?

Thank you very much in advance


Hey Buddy, good questions and good research.

Basically yes & no.
YES supply issues & NO, they are not discontinued.
The grey Market as Amal explains it…
Long story short, DT are out of stock, but when or if he finds some more chips, I’m certain there will be a new production batch.

When? nobody knows unfortunately

I have mentioned this in a few posts, I understand the hesitance, however, from personal experience, there is very little difference between an xSeries and a Custom needle Flex series install.
It affects the installer more the the recepient.
In the case of the xM1 vs FlexM1, the needle size isnt too dissimilar

If you are referring to your right hand thenar space, ( between thumb and forefinger) you are correct.
However, ideally this is not where you would want to place one. ( Although called Flex, this refers to the encapsulation material rather than the implant properties )

You would be looking more at P 1-5 ( P for Position - either hand )


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Other locations are available :wink:

I have both, (xM1 and FlexM1 gen2) I find them both very useful. But the FlexM1 has better read range ( Obviously ) and in my case, I use my FlexM1 more, due to the convenience of the gen2, where I can write to it with my phone.

Read about the Differences between gen1a and gen2 in Jirvins fantastic thread here

Magic Mifare Chips

"magic" Mifare chips

Compatible readers are commonly used in a variety of places, some common examples, but not limited to:-
Access systems
Cheap Chinese locks in all shapes and sizes
the list goes on…

In my opinion, the most common HF chips you will find. A very good good option.
If a Mifare Classic Magic implant is what you are wanting, I would reccomend a FlexM1 gen1a for you.
But do you have a proxmark?

D. not at all ! ( as long as you get good placement )

I have had zero issues, any faults seen mentioned on the forum are GENERALLY user based.
If there are any manufacturing issues, DT will put it right. *

Fantastic customer service.

Dont hold your breath, as it is still reliant on the grey market, but there are plans for an xMagic - planned to be a 2in1 like the NExT Implant but with xEM and xM1 chip (possibly gen2)
There is no indication when or even if this will happen, so, Get yourself a FlexM1 in the mean time

You are welcome very much


It seems they release the chips every once in a while when they get a new batch. I had to wait about 1-1&1/2 months before the xM1 was back in stock to get mine. Just keep checking every day or two and I’m sure they’ll be back eventually.

The bad chip issue a while back was only for the xM1+ I believe. The regular xM1 was unaffected by this issue.

I’ve only just recently gotten my xM1 in. (About a week and a half ago) First few days were definitely quite sore and swollen. After about a week, the pain was mostly gone, wound healed nicely. With where I have it (L0), it can hardly feel it at all. It’s still a tad tender if I really play with it (which is hard not to when you have ADHD :joy:), but I’m sure it’ll go away. You pretty much forget it’s there day-to-day though. My only tip regarding it’s operation would be to be patient when you first get it in. There will be swelling and it will affect read performance. It may not scan right away, but it will in time.


I see you replying

Sorry, I was editing my post as you type, so you might want to have another read of my post, before you reply

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Yes, i do!
I got the Magic Ring and Proxmark a month or so ago to see if it was for me. One caffeine-fueled week of rabbitholes later and i went MAD (get it?).

Based on your recommendation, my initial idea would be NExT in P0 and M1 in R1. My closest installer is quite far (Munich), so id rather do it all in one go.

I read about the flexMT as well, but i dont think that one goes in the hand.

I’m leaning in that direction as well. How common are the gen1a countermeasures? Id hate to screw up my chip, but it being usable is more important.

I read the FlexM1 is rather stiff.
Has that ever caused issues for you?
Im typing and mousing 10h a day, i wouldnt want it to chafe or something.

Lastly, is there a way to measure where the bones (metacarpals, i think?) are located, so i could measure if it would fit?
Here’s my Hand.

Thank you very much for your guidance @Pilgrimsmaster

plenty space for a flexM1 in P1-4 no?

Excellent, otherwise the gen1a is less useable without one, because you can only enrol and not change the UID etc.
So a gen1a is a good option for you.

Which city are you in, we have a few German community members on here, they may know someone closer to you…
I know where you can go in Cologne

NExT L0 and M1 in R1

Not common at all.

No, I do use puters and shit, but not even close to 10hrs a day :face_vomiting:


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Haha, Pilgrim, I love that :wink:
Even if I’m not around, you do some good advertising for my dear installer :smile:

oh, and @ZeroOne : Yep, I can definitely recommend Arnulf, he’s done a flex install and some other fun stuff on me

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Lets say Memmingen in Bavaria, Germany for anonymity’s sake.
@Coma Köln is sadly half a Country away. Thank you very much for the recommendation, though.

I assume you had none if the issues i feared?
It sucks some days, but its great most of the time.

From what Ive read, the scar should disappear after 5 months or so, right?

P.S. Im not sure, if i am replying to a comment inside a thread, do i need to @ people or not? Whats proper ettiquete @Pilgrimsmaster ?

Correct, I dont even know they are there, until I wave my hand at something and it magically opens infront of me :wink:

Different people heal differently, but yeah, 5 months there should be very little visible.
Even 2 months it may just look like a scratch or “old” scar.

We are pretty casual around here.
Most regulars will read most threads and posts anyway, I personally try to only @somebody:-

  • when I need to get there attention sooner rather than later
  • giving somebody credit for something
  • when I haven’t seen somebody in a while

I generally quote people a lot, especially in reply to their post, so they get the " notification ( which I use for clarity of conversation as to what exactly in their post I am replying to, I think / hope it makes my answers easier to follow) plus they get a reply notification they don’t really need an @ as well

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I very rarely @ Amal, because he is too busy to answer questions that the rest of us can answer on his behalf.
I only @ him when there is something I think he needs to be aware of, in the short term.
There are many burning questions that only he can answer, that I want to ask, but, I feel he is better left alone to get on with making us cool shit and sourcing greymarket Mifare classic chips :wink:

People can choose the notification settings
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Long story short, you’re all good :+1:

You’re welcome! I know no installers in Bavaria (for that’s half a country away for me :wink: ), but I think there might be some - compared to most other countries, we have a high density of scalpel-workers here who are even allowed to do what they do :wink:
And if you can’t find anyone near you, remember - there is this nice cheap train ticket currently, so it might be a bit easier to travel around the next few months^^

It really depends - how good do you heal in general?
I scar quite a lot (intentionally and un-intentionally^^), sutures always look quite bad for some time. My flexNExT-scar is now one year and nine months old, and it’s visible but not striking. The scar from the install of a silicon subdermal (which is a lot smaller) is 2 years old and almost invisible. So I guess you’ll be fine after 5 months, unless people want to examine your hands very closely :wink:


Berlin is a bit far aswell I guess ^^ (would be worth the ride tho, only 9€ ride and HQ install)

Yeah it took me like 18 months for my FlexPAY1 scar to fade to the point that you have to know where to look, skins a little lighter there. Needle based installs of flexM1 might be better tho.