xM1 “magic” 1k vs flexM1 “Magic” 1k

Hi I just received my xM1 “magic” 1k and put it under my skin already and it works in every door except elevator. I wonder what is the difference between this one xM1 “magic” 1k and flexM1 “Magic” 1k except size? does flex one have better connection ? so that would work with the elevator ? or what would help ? im kind of in starting point if i dont want to walk stairs to 33th floor :slight_smile:

Same thing, different range.

My guess is, either your elevator doesn’t accept Mifare Classics, or your xM1 is a bit short on range. Do you know what your elevator card is?

Or is it the same card for every door/elevator? In which case, it’s definitely a range issue.

You might also want to spend time trying all possible positions / orientations on the elevator’s reader. Sometimes readers can just about read an implant but are being very difficult.

Oh and yes, welcome :slight_smile:

the elevator works with same card like others so its mifare we already checked it

Okay so range. Work that reader to death until you’re sure it’s too weak for your xM1, and if it is, the only way is to implant a flexM1 I’m afraid.

so are you saying the flex one would work then cause better range and wider area ?

Weeell… The flexM1 has better range, but it’s still nowhere near as good as a full-size card. You stand a better chance of hitting a difficult reader with it, but it’s not guaranteed. One good test is to check how far off the reader you can read your full-size card: if you have to be right against it, there’s a good chance the flexM1 won’t trigger it.

i used to have this ring called jackom r4 and i had take it off from my finger and put it against the reader to be able to read it and then card just need to be close by and the field tester only blinks when put against the elevator scanner

Hmm well, that don’t sound like a very good candidate to work with the flexM1 then. It might work though, who knows. It’s not an exact science. But if you order one and it doesn’t work, that’s wasted money for sure. Unless you can resell it of course.

It’s always a risk in this game. Performances can be iffy with implants. Actually if you’re persistent enough to try and make things work, you might find it quite an expensive hobby :slight_smile:

atleast it work with card if the card is in thick wallet so i think the flex is the answer but i dont where to install that now in my wrist or what would be best ? between thumb and index finger is already this

already made an order the company have so great customer service that i dont mind if this is bit waste of money and if this flex doesnt work then i have tried all and then im gonna be like normal people and use the lift with card


That’s the spirit :slight_smile:

but now after i just ordered and look other products i find this flex MT what is this magic ? is this even better one ? i think soon i just implant that card under my skin…and would it be problem if i install that flex M1 next to x M1 ? just thought if they next to each other it should give better higher change to it to work ?

The flexMT FlexMN is magic, but it’s a different kind of magic. It’s not Mifare Classic-compatible. It emulates NTAGs. The magic is that you can configure which NTAG.

You don’t want a flexMT to work your elevator. It ain’t gonna work.

EDIT: yes you do!

thank you very much rosco i let you know if it worked out with flexM1

Yes by all means.
Also, shoot pictures or videos eh :slight_smile:

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I assume you mean FlexMN is for NTAG card emulation?

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Ooh yes my bad. Well bugger me with a fishfork…

Gr.buttnaked: nevermind what I said, I misread. Yes you can order a flexMT for more M1k goodness.

By the way, I noticed your name: are you in Finland?

so rosco which one have higher possibility to work ? is the Flex m n even better with the distance ? and no im not in Finland i live in Thailand

The larger the antenna the better generally speaking. And the flexMT has an LF chip to boot, which gives it an extra functionality. But it’s a more invasive implant job of course.

at this point i dont care if its the hole key card as long it works :slight_smile: so this one would be even better?