xM1 moving inside it's little "tube"


I’m having an issue similar to here where my implant is moving around.

It feels like the implant has formed a small “tube”, maybe double the tag length, to move in. I can freely and easily move it inside the tube, but it can’t leave it, it just moves back and forward either on its own or with slight pressure from the surface. If it moves it’s itchy for a while then calms down. Its a little red at the injection site as well.

My main concern is that it’s not encapsulating properly.

I got my implants done March 12th. All 6 other implants are doing fine and are not moving.


Have you been following the advice in the thread you linked? Different bodies take different amounts of time.

Mine’s been in for months, and I’ll still catch it moving on occasion. The FAQ page says it can take a year or more for the body to fully encapsulate it, but it should usually be far enough along by two months in for you to start heavy lifting or going shooting.

Took about two weeks or so for it to find a backstop (Not sliding farther away from the implant site) but took it I’d say a month-ish, for it to really stop moving without a lot of effort.

Over the two to four weeks post installation, the body will begin to encapsulate the tag with fibrous collagen tissue. To help this process along, you can take pre-natal vitamins 137, which help build collagen and connective tissues. During this time, it is important that you not perform any strenuous activity, put pressure on the tag, play with or poke at the tag, work out, spar, rock climb, shoot firearms, or grip anything with significant force as it can cause the muscles in your hand to apply unequal pressure to the tag and cause it to migrate under the skin.

From the FAQ.


To add my experience to what @ThexTallxDude said. When I got mine I took every precaution I could. I work in a very physical job and I use a 1/2" impact gun for hours a day. That being said I used my right hand for as much as I could and did everything I could to limit and unnecessary force to my left hand where my implant is. About 2 ish weeks after injection it stopped moving, or so I thought. One day I felt it shift and it started moving around inside the “tube” like you said yours is. I just kept with my prenatals and continued to use my right hand for most things, and now it found its home not far from where it was placed and is not moving anymore. I may not be the most knowledgeable person here but just keep up with the after care and take your vitamins. Try and avoid anything stressful to the area and if your body is like mine it will continue to heal nicely.


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