xM1 vs xMagic for Hotel Key

I’ve been looking at getting an implant for a year or so now. I travel for work, and I basically live in hotels, so naturally I’m looking for a chip that works for most hotels. I stay in Hilton and Mariott hotels mostly, and I know not all hotels use the same cards.

First question, is there any data or personal experience regarding how often Mifare Classic 1k is used at these hotels? Or do I need to go ahead and get a Proxmark now to do my own research?

Second, if Mifare is the way to go, which implant should I get? Is there a range difference between the two? What meaningful difference is there between the xM1 gen2 and the xMagic’s gen1a if I’m cloning with a Proxmark3? Having the extra chip in the magic would be a plus for side projects, but I’d value range/compatibility at hotels over this.

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Coincidentally, a family member of mine has recently stayed at one of each of those hotels, so enjoy a tiny sample size of data:

The Hilton they went to used Mifare Classic, clonable to either of those implants

The Marriott used Mifare Ultralight EV1, which isn’t directly clonable to any implants right now

In my experience, and from what I gather of other people’s, Mifare Classic is one of the more common cards across various hotels

There shouldn’t be any really appreciable performance difference between the xM1 and the xMagic, it’s just whether you want one chip or two

If you haven’t read it already, you should check out this thread, which should help explain the differences between the gen1a and gen2 chips.

Long story short is that either should work for you if you’re using the PM3 though

If maximum performance is more important to you than the pain of waiting an indeterminate amount of time, you could wait for the FlexM1 to make a reappearance, it would perform much better than an x-series implant in terms of range


Thanks for the personal experience and the info! Seems like the xMagic might just be the winner for me. I’m a little too squeamish to want to try the flex instead of the injectable.

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Totally get that, not a big fan of it myself, however I have heard that the needle used for the small flexies feels very similar to the needle used for x-series

But I haven’t had one myself yet

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As usual, a great answer from @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha

I’ll just jump in with my opinion since this adresses his comment also.

This is not uncommon; but this comment

Is really accurate.

If you can get over the psychological hurdle, The Flex is always a better option, just for all around ease of use.
Particularly on hotel doors.
I have an xMagic and a FlexM1, I will always go for the FlexM1 when I arrive at a hotel.

That being said, the xSeries are still a great option, And the xMagic is a personal favourite.

If you are still leaning toward the xM1, I would hate for you to feel setup to fail, but really, the FlexM1 is your better option.


The FlexM1 is not in stock
the xMagic is

If you still decide on the xMagic
you luckily MAY still have an option of the gen2 version, if it is still in stock.

if you dont know the difference between gen1a and gen2?
Here’s more info if you need it:-

I prefer the gen2, but I think the gen1a is the more popular choice.

You mention you dont have a Proxmark, What tools do you have? Flipper Zero, iCopy?

With a gen2 all you need is an Android phone and the MCT app.


I feel gen2 are safe to use when cloning hotel keycards as they are not re written on the fly by the readers so less chance of bricking. From personal experience there is more chance of bricking a gen2 if used for work or home buildings were the card is updated from the main entrance scanner (salto etc) depending how the access conditions are written to the card.

Altho i am firmly in the gen1a camp

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Same here …
I have the xmagic since it cam out, i love it.

But for hotel key, you will be disappointed. Most hotels use craptastic reader and dont read the x- implants well. In maybe 1 out of 5 hotel i can use the xmagic, the rest of hotels the readers cant pick it up.
I am considering the flexm1 or apex/flex secure to be able to fill the gap.


I have one, it is one of my most used implants, it’s great.

Works in almost all hotels i have stayed at that use Mifare Classic.
I highly recommend the FlexM1

The problem you have is, The FlexM1 is out of stock whilst the new antenna design is happening, and as far as I am aware there is not ETA on it.

Im sure Amal will be working as hard on that as he is, all of his other projects.

The alternative is the FlexMT
it is a big bitch, but the performance is AMAZING It is almost like a full sized card.

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Do you have a gen1 or gen2?

Is the Apex able to emulate myfare card?
I feel like this can be the way forward, kinda like a HF"T5577" :sweat_smile:

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(got that before the Flipper)
gen2 is great for on the fly read and write with MCT
gen1a great if you have a Flipper

IF I was forced to choose, i would personally still go for the gen2

Custom gen1a (not yet installed)

a custom work would be great option for you, then you get exactly what you want…
I have an idea that I have been sitting on for a while around a smaller version of the FlexMT but larger than the xMagic

My version of the “Goldilocks implant.”
I finally have the parts*, but I need to do some testing

*Alternative option not yet sourced

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200w (12)

It was planned to be (except UID wasn’t/ couldn’t be changeable)

There are a few P71 chip versions, the current one is not capable, so it cant now happen.

Amal could answer you more fully and or confim (or deny) my “facts”

Yes, facts confirmed. We were planning on mifare emulation being turned on but what you could actually do with it was quite limited and not really worth it considering the amount of space it took up in user memory. This is also a feature only available through NXP at the time of chip manufacturer so it’s not something you just load on later, therefore we opted out of this feature.


I have both the injectable NeXT and flexm1 gen2, I use the flex 90 percent of the time. The injectable is now dedicated to unlocking and starting my car.

My phone alone has not been successful in decrypting some cards and I have had to use the flipper.

I did find the injectable to be the least messy to have installed but prefer the readability of the flex.

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Instead of an implant, could the DT magic ring work for this?

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Yep, they should work just like the implants

And I can tell you that the V1 I have worked pretty well the one time I stayed at a hotel with it

Thanks for all the responses! I think I’ll try the ring first, and if I use it enough, I’ll suffer through the flex install.


It’s Psychological… REALLY it is VERY similar to xSeries install.
It’s worth it

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I’m waiting on the FlexM1 too, hoping it’s available again soon :smiley: