xNT Computer Unlocking

So I self installed my xNT around 3 weeks ago been enjoying experimenting with different records I can write with NFC Tools.

A couple days ago I found this previous DT fourm post and tried the first reccomended by amal this didn’t work I also tried an ASUS made app (I do not have the device it was made for) for one of their laptops both of these have not worked.

I found this Windows Hello I have not looked at the Windows hello on my device yet.

Does anyone have any other applications worth looking at I know my implant can be read by the nfc reader on my device a Linux alternative would also be an intresting to see.

Thanks in advance Llama out. 🦙

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You could use this and basically create a complex password stored on your tag.

Hello Llama !

So it’s Kai from the first post. What issues did you have with isolog ?

I have this working with the acr112ru reader. The tag however has to be blank as it will write a random string to the implant. It uses that string and the tag ID and dual authentication methods.

Wipe / format the implant with NFC tools and then try again. It means however you won’t be able to use the Implant for anything else.

Also, we have our recommended software to use here

NFC tools has a Linux version so that works also with the ACR reader