Unlocking PC with NFC implant



I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in getting their PC to unlock with these implants ?

Both in a windows domain joined machine and home.

If anyone has a list of kit or info it would be very appreciated.

Also can you use the one implant to unlock your phone and your PC ?

Kind Regards


I personally use an ACR122U for computer login. There are two software packages that work well for Windows login:

ISLOG Community Edition
EIDAuthenticate & NFC Connector

If you’re wanting to use the xNT or flexNT for PC login, then I’d try the first option. It’s free and works well enough. The second option is not free, and possibly a bit less user friendly, but it will become useful in the near future with the release of VivoKey. Also, EIDAuthenticate needs a REG file to be loaded so the PC/SC system recognizes the xNT / flexNT as usable for authentication. Unzip and execute these REG files to register the proper links for x-series tags:

x-series_smartcard_reg.zip (1.3 KB)


Vivo key looks awesome !

Might just get one implant until that’s released .

Will check those out thank you.

Can you easily just clone other tags into the implant with a phone or is it worth investing on a proper reader ?


Instead of replying about cloning, I wrote this post… hopefully it makes sense.


That’s perfect thank you