xNT NFC tag moved when in MRI

Hello dangerous forums, first post so we will see how I go.
I was scheduled to have an MRI today and i provided the documents on the FAQ for the MRI. I got in the machine and as it was moving up mytag moved. I laughed a bit but that was it. No movement from my other tag (one of the RFID ones) so I told them not to worry about it. They pulled me out and said I will probably have a CT scan.
Just wondering, why would the xNT move but not the RFID? And what would have happened if I stayed and had the MRI?
Any advice is much appreciated.

The xNT is RFID. Do you mean the xEM? What is your other implant?

Yes, so… the magnetic lines of flux around the MRI machine mean that as you enter the machine, the ferrite material in the tuning rod that the copper antenna coil is wrapped around may experience some forces that will cause it to move slightly.

First, to reiterate what @turbo2ltr said, all NFC tags are also RFID tags, but not all RFID tags comply with NFC standards. Secondly, it simply had to do with the shape of the magnetic lines of flux around the MRI machine and the angle in which the chips were being dragged through the field.

Not likely much. At most you might have felt a pulsing or buzzing sensation… but that would be a first. We have had no reports of any issues like that during an MRI scan. The only issue we know about is the blurring of the MRI image around the implant, so if you need an MRI of your hand specifically, you should probably take it out.