XSIID blue rotating

Quick question I wasn’t able to find an answer to. Just had my first implant Saturday, everything seemed to go well. Today I noticed it seems to have rotated to a position almost perpendicular to how it was when it was done. Rather than being parallel to my metacarpal, it is perpendicular. I have some soreness, but no more than yesterday.

My questions are:
Is this type of rotation normal when healing?
Is the implant likely to rotate back as it heals more and swelling continues to go down?
Will this make it more prone to rejection?

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Welcome to the club! :sunglasses:

Here is a recent thread that addresses this:

It’s really all about where your body “decides” is the best place for the implant to settle down. While there is absolutely a chance it will go back to the “original” (ie., directly where it was implanted) position, it is totally okay if that doesn’t occur.

Just to ensure I’m understanding the question - you’re asking if the implant rotates, will it be more prone to rejection? If that is the question: that would not make it more likely to reject.


Yeah, the rejection question was related to it rotating sideways where I can see a small bump from the end of it when my thumb is in different positions. I knew it could turn round some, was just think it’d be more rotating around than rotating from up and down to sideways if that makes any sense.


I have a NExT and xNT I’ve had both of my implants do a spin during the healing process, I gently massaged the implants into the spot I wanted them to be in. I found it took about 2 weeks for the rotational migration to stop and about 12 weeks for both of them to completely stop migrating. Your body will reject them regardless of what orientation they are in, your body doesn’t know what direction is right or wrong it will just decide if it doesn’t like the chunk of glass or not.


Good to know. I’ve never had anything reject before, just wanted to verify if I should keep a closer eye on it. Pretty excited to finally have one in since I’ve been planning on it for the last 5 years or so.

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use the search function for “Corral”, it has been reccomended plenty of times, and it works

Sorry for the low quality pic but use the fresh scab/scar as a point of reference…


3 days after I got my implant:

While it’s not maybe what you’re describing, they can migrate quite a bit. I was definitely concerned about it “touching my bone” or feeling tingling and thinking it was maybe because of the migration into an incorrect spot. For now, wait a while, most likely you’re gonna be all good.

Yeah, that seems to be the way mine’s rotating but mine went almost a complete 90 degrees. That was my biggest worry - the drastic change in orientation. I’ll wait and see how it settles in. There’s no pain or anything from it so far. Interestingly enough I have a scar going the same direction that’s probably 20 years old right below where it seems to have settled.

Got a green xSIID installed in the blue orientation, but it roasted about 45° shortly after install. A few weeks after that, it settled in about 90° from where it started where the red line is. It also moved closer to my first metacarpal. It doesn’t hurt, nor has it caused any issues. You should be all good. Funny how it settled under a 20 year old scar lol

Lol, yeah. Now I’m hoping the scar tissue doesn’t keep it from reading! Got a read off it yesterday but can’t get one today, could be my phone though. Reading seems to be really flaky on iOS 16 variants. Not sure what they did, but even other devices that could be read for years are having issues being seen by it lately :man_shrugging:t3:

We here ALWAYS suggest waiting at least 2 weeks before expecting reliable reads after any install.
There will be a buch of fluid stuffs happening beneath your skin.

Just wait your 2 saturdays before expecting anything, and you SHOULD be good to go.

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Yeah. I keep trying to remind myself of that. Patience with mods isn’t my strong point, I get too excited.