xSIID doesn’t blink anymore :(

No, I’m being very carefully in these first 15 days after install to avoid such thing. So, I guess it’s not the case.

@mrln I wonder why the white one is differently from the others, by the picture you can see the coil is in a different position. Perhaps it affect in some way? :confused:

Hmmmm that sounds like standard post install fluid stuff… just took longer to black out maybe?

I’d give if a few weeks

Bodies do weird things inside that you have no idea are going on

Most xSIIDs go dark for a couple weeks, mine did during the healing process…

Given how new of an install it is, I’d more easily believe it’s just covered in congealed blood under the surface than the led went bad

It’s just curious that it would go dark after 2 weeks that’s weird…

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I don’t think it makes any difference.

The difference in resin spreading can have many reasons.

The implants can be prototypes and some or all were not the mass produced one.
Thicker resins are also not so easy to work in and normally it should not matter if a bit less resin is in there.

I have seen variating fill amounts in DT implants but that is no issue in my opinion.

You also can’t get the resin too close to the tube end where its gonna get sealed.

You can always get it remove and inspected by amal. He is honest about failures and investigates them.

Its obviously really inconvenient for you to have it removed but its the first one that failed this way ever that I have heared off.

DT x implants are reliable AF and I’m also really curious what happend on this one.

I don’t know if you already knew but you will get a new xsiid free of charge and if you want to try out a new color that could even be possible if you ask amal xD

If you did not had green so far its my recommendation.

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Ah my bad. The US is a terrible place full of wrong people so I misread your install date as June 12th. If it’s only been 15 days you’re going to have to just chill out and wait. It can take a month or more for your body to settle.

I deal with people all over the world during the course of my work, so I end up sticking with a less ambiguous date format like 2022-12-06


What? Its only 15 days?

Haha okay, that’s good news!


Haha, I did think you were a bit premature


This is a good idea. My xdf2 won’t read with either one of my phones, I don’t know why, it just never could, but it reads just fine with a kbr1.


How’s your implant? Any shine now that it’s had some time?

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No news.
It still at the same way: I can read but I can’t see any spark of the Led. :frowning:

It also can be reading too fast for the led to be visible. When I don’t have a lot of data on mine it won’t always have time to blink. Especially from a device like a flipper zero. Try adding more data and see if you can keep the coil powered up longer. It’s strange that it would break inside the glass capsule

I’ve just tried to wrote a vcard on it, it has 806bytes.
I wrote successfully, led didn’t blinked. The same thing on read, i got the data but it didn’t blink :frowning:

I don’t wanna to remove it right away, if the warranty is lifetime I’ll give it a few months before send it back.

That’s sad, it’s were working nicely im the first days :frowning:

Still no signs of blink?

Yes, still the same.
I use everyday to login into my computer, but no lights :frowning:


2 months have passed and I definitely don’t have blinks on my hand anymore =(

Do I have a due date to raise this ticket and replace my implant? :frowning:

Very sad times

They have a lifetime warranty, so you can replace a defective implant whenever you need or want.

Or maybe you were wondering if there was a minimum time instead of a maximum, in which case, I think you’re pretty well past the usual recommendation of a few weeks

Ah what the heck, I’m already editing this comment. If you need it, hit the floating orange help button (It looks like this → :help:) on the Main Site to submit the support ticket


indeed, but this one is an odd one.

The led Has been intermittent, but the NFC still working

This would be an odd fault.

Although it has been 2 months, I think it should be allowed to play out a little longer.
I have a feeling that the stars are just misaligned (deep, led facing inward, slow healing, inflamation, fluid retention, weak readers etc)

Whats another 2 weeks?

Just my thoughts

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Any news?


Unfortunately, no.

I’m still using it every day to login on my computer, but the LED doesn’t work.

I’m planning to remove it when I get the XM1 (or similar) to replace it in the same day, because the price for removal + install is the same price of the chip :smiling_face_with_tear:

Regarding “weak reader”, I tried to use many reader to test, but no success. So I don’t it is the problem nor the deepest, because I can feel it very easy with my fingers.
It I am just bad luck :smiling_face_with_tear: