xSIID sector 1 encrypted password storage

I figured it was a waste not to use the 1kb of storage in sector 1 on the xSIID so I wrote a python script to use it for simple aes-256 encrypted password storage with the :pm3:

The input file is in csv format but the output when the implant is read is json.

Sector 0 is untouched so it’s still possible to read/write NDEF records normally as well as store/read the encrypted data on sector 1. If anyone wants it let me know and I’ll put the code on github or something



I most certainly want that public, thank you in advance.


No worries @yeka! I will tidy it up and post a link here in a bit.


I would like to see it on Github as well. Looks cool.


Here you go:

The lua code is good, the python code … not so good, but it’s all functional. I’ve tested it all on my own xSIID with no issues.


Also you can just use the lua script by itself to write/dump whatever file you like to the xSIID . There’s no need to use the vault.py wrapper.

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The hf_i2c_plus_2k_utils script is now merged into the proxmark3 iceman fork. So you can just git pull there’s no need to copy the file to ~/.proxmark3 anymore.

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