xSIID vs NExT vs xMagic vs NExT2

Questions from a now deleted user, but the question are valid

Hi everyone, I’m new to the scene. (BUT NOW GONEBURGER)

A few months ago I purchased the xSIID 1 and xEM bundle and im nearly ready for the install…

My questions-

Does having both the xSIID 1 and xEM installed give me the exact same functionality as having a single NeXT installed?

What is the difference between the xEM and the xMagic?

After the install, what is the best way to prevent the scar the implanting tool leaves? I really don’t want to scar up my hands.

Does anyone have any info on if/when we might get a NeXT with LED? That would really be the best implant choice for me (and i assume a lot of other people).

What is the difference between the Proxmark 3 Easy and the xEM access controller? Is the access controller just used for making your own locks/devices?

Lastly, and I think I know the answer to this, but is it possible to program the chip while its still in its injection cartridge? This would really be good for me to do so I can sort out all the trouble shooting with my proxmark or NFC tools before committing to the injection.

Thanks for the help everyone. Really appreciate it


In effect, Yes, although the HF chips are different, they offer very similar functionality.
NExT has NTAG216 (1kB (888 bytes))
This has a front facing 1kB (888 bytes)
There is a “hidden” storage which doubles the 1kB

Plus the xSIID has an LED

The xEM has only a T5577 LF chip

The xMagic, has the T5577 chip PLUS a Mifare 1k HF chip.

Prior to install, have the installer go bevel down with the needle (you can search the forum for reasons why) This will be the biggest help to achieve what you want, treat it like any other open wound, keep it clean and covered (initially), then once “healed” use your typical scar treatment products OR Time…itll fade to a point you wont notice it.

Thats the NExT2, its coming SOON™
Its actually closer to a xSIID +xEM combo, due to the HF chip and LED

PM3 is the industry standard for RFID (LF & HF)



get a test card pack.