Xsiid - Which security lock can I use with this?

I have a xsiid implant blue colour and I would like to use it to open a lock/safe/draw etc…

Can anybody point me to the right product that will work with my implant?

My friends are taking the piss as it still only opens my linkedin atm lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you seen this?
If you have a EU type door I’d buy the lock from digiwell.

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Something to consider with EU cylinder locks like Wilka… while technically they are compatible with xSIID, the extra power requirements from the LED and low power output by cylinder locks (due to limited battery capacity) means that you will have a bad time… get a NExT or xNT.

AND it’s blinky :bulb: :+1:


I currently use my xSIID to turn my flashlight on and off on my phone. So there is that. Expensive toggle.




i’ve never used it myself, but Ikea sells a HF lock that looks to get the job done nicely. you’d just need to find the right piece of furniture to attach it to (probably also from Ikea)

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@Vicarious has a video with that little jiggy


I will buy the Wilka lock from Digiwell soon

I can try it with different implants (xNT, xSIID, flexNT, flexDF, NExT,…)


Amazing thank you!

TRUTH! haha

@amal Would this work with the xsiid? Or is this a cynlider lock (looks like it could be)?

I’ll give it a go with this lock if you guys think it could work and update the spreadsheet with my results!

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My nightmare. @Pilgrimsmaster i have been working on it, but I cannot get it to function correct, or rather, be a smallish file still.

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I must carry on with that, I started on compressing the images, I think that is the issue.
I am about 25% done, I will do some more tonight… pretty boring


@Backpackingvet & @Pilgrimsmaster… two unsung heroes of… The Matrix.


What worse, is that means, what I am working with is out dated… :sob:

It SHOULD auto save, but I know from experience, I have had to repeat my “work” on more than one occasion (about 5 or 6 times)
never mind, first world problems and all that.
I did learn my lesson and I would save my own copy as I went… most of the time.

It is not the most elegant of solutions, but it is simple to do and easy to use.

I do have another idea, I just need the time to put together a test, just too many projects on the go :upside_down_face:

I have been working with a downloaded copy since I messaged you last about it… No worries! Maybe this is how I will figure it out.

The IKEA ROTHULT lock works better with a flex implant rather than an x-series, flex implants have a differently shaped coil, better magnetic coupling with the lock. Unless you don’t mind searching for the sweetspot.


I don’t mind searching! Going to buy the lock and give it a go with my implant :slight_smile:

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