Xsiid - Which security lock can I use with this?

I’m going to install the lock on a draw inside my stealth van camper… youtube video will be out once I get it all working :smiley:


My lock has arrived! Are there any apps I can clone the keycard onto my chip with? NFC tools don’t look like it can do it… @Vicarious @Pilgrimsmaster @anon2520759 @adiev

You can’t clone onto an xSIID, but, as you own the lock you can enroll it… IF it is compatible

This is one operating with xM1

The lock should have come with instructions on how to enroll a fob / card, just follow those to enroll your xSIID.
Approximately, this location and orientation


Got it working!!! That was like freeking magick. Thanks bro <3


No problem, That is awesome news, Glad it worked for you

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My friends wont be mean now loool jkin but yeah thanks again :smiley:

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hello everyone who is kind enough to explain the procedure to use my xSIID with rothult?

Ummmm, did you see the posts directly above???

What exactly did you need help with?

Does the YouTube video have Italian translation for you?

@bosskingy may be able to talk you through the process

how should i copy the rothult card to insert the code into my xSIId?

i don’t own the lock myself, but i’d recommend that, instead of changing your xSIID’s code for the lock, instead use the instructions to register your chip as one of the accepted “cards” with your master key. that way you can use your xSIID for other things as well!


What @adiev said above, and also from 8 posts above :arrow_double_up:

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