xSIID & xLED custom colours

I’m planning on getting the NExT chip next week (first one, woo!), and I was looking at other possible future implants, hopefully, will get the Apex when it comes out. When looking at the xSIID and xLED, it looks like there were set colours. I was wondering if there was a possibility in the future to have custom colours, for example, purple, or a cyan. Probably would be more expensive to get a custom chip, but is there any plans for it currently, or is there any way to commission one?

The flexnext has purple and cyan LEDs…

Unfortunately I have quite small forearms/hands and am very active, so the flexnext isn’t for me. :frowning:

I haven’t got one myself, but I’ve heard of others getting custom orders. On the storefront I’d suggest hitting the HELP button on the bottom corner and sending a message with what you are interested in.

Definitely an @amal question, but if memory serves me, the x Series are all done overseas in batches, where the flex Series are handmade by the man himself.

It’s much easier to customise the flex than x because of manufacturers minimum order quantities, I’d be surprised if you could get a custom one without ordering a few thousand of them, but I’ve been wrong before!

I do believe this is true as well.

The LEDs on the flexNExT are actually just some of the NFC led nails that are put in the biopolymer with the actual bulltag itself. If the xseries doesn’t have the colors you want, you could theoretically get one of the nails custom polymerized for implantation. Wouldn’t be as small as the x series, and installation would be a little different, but it definitely wouldn’t be as big as a flexNExT if real estate is an issue. That’s contingent on @amal having time to do the custom order too. Just a thought!

That’s what I was thinking would be possible. Honestly it’s mostly being a small person problem, so if it was a little bigger than typical x series, that would still be cool.

Purple is on the radar for the xSIID, as is white… it’s just not happening as a one-off.

I am tinkering though on an idea… more to come soon.


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It’s just a little something I’ve been working on… 24mm diameter NTAG216 with tri-point blinkies.


Totally tidy “tiny” transdermal transponder
( I assume that is what you will be calling it )

And those blinky geeks will love it :bulb: :heart_decoration:

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Probably just flexNT-B for blinky hahah dunno … I dunno if I’m really going to make more… it’s labor intensive and even more so for the LEDs that don’t have backing on them as they short out. I tried making a green one with LED coils with no backing on and they didn’t work after encapsulation (though the NTAG216 still did).

That’s an adorable little Blinky!

Too bad the LEDs cut the ntag performance in half. I was thinking about just putting a single led in the center… might do that instead if performance is good with only one LED coil.


They look adorable! Unfortunate how the shinies reduce performance though. There might be interest for people who can’t do larger flex based implants?

might be the best bet, although it’s super cool with the 3-LED array. It itsn’t worth much if the range isn’t as good as the regular FlexNT.

Ooooookay… I need this! :smiley:
Especially if there ever happens to be a wearable device to make them light up constantly - I’m planning kind of a “full body cyberstuff”-bodymod with my artist, and they would fit in perfectly…

Would be fine with that as well, but it would be nice if the LED could be a bit bigger… or, what would be really awesome (for the things I have in mind), a light-up circle… pretty much like the thingies the cyborgs in Detroit become Human have on their temples…
Anyway, love your ideas!

Yeah… with an ACR122U here are the numbers;

mini-circle tag without LEDs: 35mm
flexNT: 20mm
mini-circle with LEDs: 15mm

How much discomfort are you willing to put up with?