xSIID & xLED custom colours

Planning a full-body scarification by now, soooo… well… discomfort is not such a big thing, I guess :woman_shrugging:
Looks absolutely incredible, want that unter my skin! Though a ring would be more fitting for my ideas… ah, I’ll take what I can get :smiley:

edit: but I have to ask - what the hell is that? :wink:


You talking about something like this? (I just took it from google)

yeeeeeeees, exactly. Won’t put it there, but I could use a bunch of those^^

It’s a thing I found trolling around the nfc toys section of Alibaba… it basically has an LED in parallel with an led which stands 90 degrees on end and shoots into a plexi disc with an odd backing on it that helps light come out the top. It’s well over 2mm thick though… trying to figure out if it can be made into an implant.

Looks like placing a single led in this orientation is the only way to keep performance of the ntag216, which is critical in this case because my samsung galaxy s7 is quite shit at reading it… 5mm max. The pixel 2 is ok though… so I’m going to go with the worst performance and say that putting 3 LEDs on will basically be a show stopper for some phones.

Is that available as a circle as well? Because in that case, I could use the fact that it will be clearly visible (being 2mm thick) as a visual effect which would be quite fitting… but I guess probably not, because there has to be some kind of chip inside for it to work with NFC :woman_shrugging:

Okay… in the picture, it looks like there is some kind of “metal”-ish ring around the thing, is that right? If so, what material might that be…? I’m highly allergic to nickel, so I’m not all too happy to implant unknown metals into my body…

But still, veeeery interesting thing!

As for the second, single-LED-blinky, looks quite nice too - has anyone experience with installation on more unusual places, like chest, shoulders, near (not directly over!) joints, whatever? I know that silicone implants over softer tissue are idiotic, because they simply sink in and are not visible - but what about these? Any idea? :wink:

it is a circle…

… but if you were asking about a ring, then no it does not come in a ring shape.

Yeah there is an NTAG213 inside.

No it’s a bit of metallic material that reflects on the inside and is black on the outside, also to keep light reflecting out the top surface and not spill out the sides.

No idea, but probably aluminum or some other cheaper metal that can be made into tiny thin reflective strips.

Okay, guess my last english lesson is to long ago… at least, now I know the difference between a circle and a ring :smiley:

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I was thinking up different types of flex based implants, and was wondering if this would work.

I’m not an electrical engineer, but could it help with the contraints of size and reading range? For positioning, it would fit along metacarpals or the forearm.

This may be of interest to you.

@leumas95 had the idea if a light bar
:bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:


Yeah in short we tried something like that and it didn’t go well.

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That’s unfortunate, hopefully there’s some similar alternate, not just in the grain or circle format.

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How about this?

I’ll probably only make one of these (this one)… maybe… anyway let me know if you want it via DM and we’ll talk price and shipping etc.

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Blinkes are the future.

Apex Blinky when? Lol

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Looks fun, really! You’ve got a message :wink:

But tbh, I think there might be more people interested in a tiny blinky…^^


After apex max and flex are in production



Can’t wait to get the Apex blinky when it releases in the 5 years haha. I’ll be patient. :stuck_out_tongue:


You know, with the Apex being permanently about to be released, I think Amal is killing the potential market for this implant: people are anxiously waiting for it to hit the shelves, implanting other implants to release their anxiety, and by the time it does, they won’t have any real-estate left in their hands :slight_smile:

Or maybe it’s a clever ploy to shift other implants. Hmm…

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I wish it was a choice, or a ploy… either would be preferable to the absolute bullshit nightmare getting a smart card implant to market has been.


At least you can be proud of yourself for not “just” releasing versions after versions of the same RFID and NFC products, and trying to get the ball moving on the real-world usability of them.

Cuz you know, at the end of the day, whichever chip you choose, the application options available are always the same old stuff: smartlocks, computer login, URL or vCard-sharing, and general showing off.

I look forward to a day when I can interact with “serious” institutions with an implant. It will happen in no small part thanks to you.