XYO crypto coin with NFC card

Hi everyone, I don’t know if you already know about this cryptocurrency, si chiama XYO, this is a webpage https://xyo.network/
This coin uses an app on the mobile phone (does not consume battery) via bluethoot and NFC.
I have been using it for 2 years and it works really well, searching on facebook there is the campaign to get the free NFC card by paying only the shipping, I was able to copy it to my xSIID in order to use it with the app whenever I want (each scan of the card takes 4 hours of geomining).
I don’t want to advertise but if you want to start downloading the free app this is my referral link so you can earn all together, and if you choose to take the NFC card you can always combine it with the app at a later time.
I hope I have found something new and appreciated by the whole community…

This is the NFC card

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So where is this? I would like to have a look at it?

This is a original Sentinel NFC

And this is a link for free sentinel NfC

Sounds like a scam. Also the xSIID can’t emulate the crypto functions of the NTAG 424 DNA


I can guarantee you it is not a scam, I have been using the app for years and pay regularly, xSIID must not emulate NTAG 424 DNA but only the link with your code that starts the app that detects your card as active

+1 to that.

There are plenty of “apps” showing up now claiming to do crypto mining with no battery consumption… (this is the third different one I’ve seen in 2 days)

But why on earth would that work?

Once you understand how crypto mining works… the real big challenge is energy consumption.

in most scenarios you will end up spending more money on energy bills than you can make by mining.
(unless you can optimise the infrastructure with a proper raid under a temperature controlled room… which would take a lot of space and prior investment)

And what most claim…
“the mining is done in the cloud”…
if that’s true, then why on earth do they need you to download an app??
I mean… if I am mining on my servers, why would I share the profits with someone?

Maybe the answer comes when we see the prices for location-connected data rising… :wink:

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my post did not want to offend anyone’s morality, much less lead to cheating someone, but simply to make them aware of another use of NFC.
At the end the app can be downloaded and used for free even without NFC and outside the referral link I posted. :grinning: :hugs:

nah, I am actually curious.

I’ve read about XYO before (the foundation behind Coin), and am still struggling to see what’s their actual logic…

I mean… they are a company that does cryptocurrency, but they claim to fund themselves through donations of other cryptocurrencies…

They claim to add “geolocation” to their crypto coin mining process… but that is really intriging. why would you create a coin that you “cannot” mine yourself… ( " here because it’s easy to fake geolocation)
there are just so many selling points of that company that makes ultimately no sense to me…

But I would like to be shown otherwise.

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oh, and I forgot about this interesting read:

not personally vouching about who is the blogger though

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I had also read this article, but from my direct experience I requested payment in BTC and received it safely

I am not claiming it either way but im going to play with it for a week or so and see what happens. The paid tiers are crazy $30 a month…

You can do it for free I’ve earned ~40 coins watching ads and mining you have to move to next tile and click so its not automatic but like I said we will give it a go. So you buy rewards with the coins so for 1milion coins you can get around £300 but it seems like it would take a very long time to get it without investing money.


I was not too impressed with it. I tried to pay for a month to try it out, they charged me for 6 months of the most expensive plan. About 150 dollars. After six months I only had a a little over a hundred thousand coins. Might be worth it if you are a cab driver or something.


Same here, I’ve used it. Although I cannot confirm this I’m pretty sure this is a scam.

I really don’t know how geomining works, but some blocks give a little more coin. But even if you are like a cab driver, there is also a cool down period. Even if you do earn some, I doubt you can earn what it costs to buy a subscription if you do.

Also, what does the NFC card do?

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i have never bought a subscription i only spent 20 $ to ship a sentinel X and NFC card.
however, both the sentinel X and the NFC card, if activated, increase the number of coins earned. I spent 1 year to reach the BTC target but I received them!!!

i traveled like 600 miles a week clicking on the little pickaxe every other square with my awesome premium membership. also had a sentinal ix. I was hard pressed to get over 100k in six months. awesome that you can make it work for you, it definitely didnt pan out or me. Hopefully pi works out. Its the same type of energy free mining i also don’t understand. Prob just selling my data though…

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aka: scam. :stuck_out_tongue:

“you pay me £100. then I let you watch enough ads so I make another £50. in return I pay you £25 back!”

if you spent the same amount of time on other apps that just let you watch adds for money you might have made the same amount or more…

Now it makes a whole lot more sense!!

Paid adverts have a limit on how much the app owner can receive… but by changing the user’s geolocation one could refresh those limits.

So that app probably has nothing to do with cryptocurrency. It’s mostly an ad-farm scam with maybe some geo-data farming on the side.

Because there actually isn’t any mining happening. :wink:

But…but, it’s got all the tech buzzwords! And you get money for “free”! How could it be a scam!?


You got me chuckling there!! :rofl:

What bugs me is how many of these “geo-crypto mining” apps are popping up recently!

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I’m also upset about the huge variety of actual crypto-currencies on the market. All those computers chugging away at maximum capacity 24/7 for pointless bullshit calculations has a huge carbon footprint.