Yale Conexis Lock


Does anyone have any experience with this smart lock? I am having difficulty locating a lock to fit a door with a multi point lock that can be used with an implant.

The product information page mentions it’s RFID and 13.56mhz but little else. I have asked their support team for more info, but if anyone has tried this like I’d be interested to hear your experiences.


Not sure if there is any good answers but lots of people ask about the yale locks on the FB group



Definitely ask Yale where you can go (retail store) to test it out. I have a Yale lock someone sent me for testing… it only works with Mifare 1k chips with 4 byte UIDs. It reads the xNT but it borks… I can see a little reading LED light up when I present it but I cannot program the xNT to the lock, the reader chip works to read the xNT but the Yale software inside the main board doesn’t properly handle it well.


Thanks Amal, that’s a good idea, I’ll see if there are any retail locations around. Doesn’t sound promising from what you’ve said though.


Who knows… the Samsung Ezon family has locks that both do and don’t support the xNT with seemingly no rhyme or reason… so it might.