Yale Conexis Lock

So you code it when its in?

Usually, the needle does an amazing job at preventing you from communicating with the implant.

3 hour drive aint a lot, i drove a tranny van to lake Garda in 1 go lol

Not saying I couldn’t haha I’ve done Edinburgh and back in a day that wasn’t too fun :sweat_smile:

The person I know is in North Wales so much shorter distance and they also know what there doing :slight_smile:

I just got this from Rosco and wow what are we talking about lmfao


Howdy there,

Well I don’t have a Conexis. I have a Yale Doorman V2N. Whether they use the same key format remains to be seen. Probably not actually, knowing Yale…

The long and short of the V2N is, you have to create an exact copy of one of the original Yale tags - UID and all. And once you’ve done that, the original tag can be thrown away, because the lock writes a rolling encryption key on some sectors. So the moment you’ve copied it, you have 2 legits copies that work. The moment you present the copy, another key is written on it and the original becomes invalid.

The best way to determine if your Conexis does the same is to take a full scan of your original tag (sector-wise), present it to the lock, then take another scan and see if something’s changed. If it has, you’ll probably have to do the same as I did (exact copy - throw away the original tag).

Maybe compare your before/after scans to mine. You can see what they looked like here:

Im way out of MY comfort zone

Yep that all right, so if the lock works the same as the other yale locks the have what is easy to describe as a counter.

When you scan the original tag it reads it and the lock changes the counter. If the counter dosnt match next time it won’t unlock.


Tell ya what, might be better to walk you through the process have you got a promark?

Would that be the white thing?

Its one of these i require i think?

That is a proxmark3 easy, that would be what you would need. im going to drag @Equipter here as he’s closer to you geographically and got more experience with the proxmark as well as @Jirvin.

I would suggest getting yourself a Proxmark3 easy (thats the do to device for cloning etc) and a couple of magic test cards to play with before trying to clone to your implant :slight_smile:

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I just ordered 1, it will be here mid March

Il get back to you when it arrives

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

I also just ordered a Vivokey thingy, what do i need to implant and code that?

a vivokey, assuming a spark2? it will come with everything you need to install it. spark2 doesn’t need programming i assume you have a smartphone of some description?

Yes Spark 2, and yes i have a smart fone im 62 not Noah lol.
When the Amazon Echo,s came out i saw the possibilities and over the last 6 years have made my house smart lol and i like toys lmfao

I had forgotten about this:

So, yeah. Looks like you need to make an exact copy of a genuine Yale tag with the Conexis also. Surely PaulT can confirm.

aye pal, i’m around the north england area if you wanna grab a drink and code this implant just shoot me a message

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Enthusiast :white_check_mark:

I do proxmark things and in the UK so happy to help where possible. Not too sure what the issue is at present but when you receive the proxmark, let me know and we can get the ball rolling for learning.

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