Nervous Newbie [First Implant]

Hey there, I’ve been looking into biohacking for a while and it seems really cool and I love the idea of it
I don’t have much experience with piercings and implants other than my ears
I’ve looked around and so far I’m really interested in getting a Blue xSIID I read a bit about 2k User memory but only 1K being writable I believe due to how it’s formatted
I’m very new to NFC I’ve had a few NFC rings and stuff and messed with circle NTAG chips but that’s really it is not super-advanced with NFC yet. I mainly want to get it for looks and maybe trying to use it to log in to my devices and such and maybe some small coding projects

overall I’m pretty nervous about getting an xSIID because I would have to self install and the only real help I would have is my girlfriend watching over me because I’m in the UK there doesn’t seem to be many piercers around during covid-19 and all

I’m just wondering if there is anything else I should know or be worried about and is it that hard of a procedure other than getting through the pain and is there much risk of messing it up badly

I’ve looked a lot around about looking at the V shape between my index and thumb and using a halfway mark to install it in the chunk of flesh there and pulling the skin up a bit to break it away from the deeper skin layers

I looked into a lot of this months ago then fell off it for a while out of thinking I was just being crazy or something and I came across dangerousthings again and now I’m pretty sure I want to get it over and done with and start playing with it

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I would recommend pursuing professional piercer strongly

My reason is this, they are going to do a much better job at keeping the chip from going too deep

A chip that’s too deep is significantly harder to read which ruins a lot of the fun

Also, I have a xsiid green, the 2kb stuff isnt a big deal unless your trying to load weird stuff on it,

Just load a ndef link to a contacts page or link or whatever you like and away you go


I see
yea i would proceed with a professional but i don’t think that is really possible where i live unless i had to travel pretty far specially with covid about
i can’t drive or nothing either

im fairly confident in my ability to install it my girlfriend agreed to help me tent the area when installing if that helps atall

There is a work around for this using NFC Shell

Also you can join the Blinkie Gang :wink:

That depends on your definition of “Have to”

Check out KSEC

Whereabouts in the UK are you?, there are quite a few members on this forum from the UK and may be able to point you to an installer or two.
I can think of at least 4 that may be up for helping you also, but I will let them volunteer themselves.
( Doctor, Piercer, Ex-Ambo, Enthusiast )

If you “HAVE TO” install it yourself, Contact us first, we will provide you with as much information as possible to reduce your risk.
But at least try and find an installer first.

Thenar space, which we call position 0

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wow thanks thats alot of info thanks alot "^^
Sorry if my posts are a bit messy I’m not very good at formatting forum posts

I live in the Highlands in Scotland in a relatively small area not many pierces about and the general feel of the area is pretty old and dated not sure even if any of the pierces where open i doubt they would even accept doing it
hell i couldn’t even find a piercer where i live to get my ears done i had to get it done in a barber shop

i also did see KSEC but they seem to be alot more expensive than if i got it from dangerousthings (USD to GBP it was about £116.43 and on KSEC it was about £160) i would rather save some money and wait longer for shipping

sorry trying to wrap my head around some of this haha

Haha, Mine aren’t any better.

You closest

@Gingerr may have some local info for you.

No problem, there is a lot to learn.

You do sound like you are leaning toward a self / assisted install.
Definitely keep in mind this

Also, this may be of use to you during your hunt for the mysterious and hard to find “Highland piercer”

Well Barbers :haircut_man: :barber: used to be Surgeons…So maybe try them for your implant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Let me tell you, self install is rough.
My wife said she would help me, but is soon as it got real she ran for the hills. [Now I torment her by telling her the stories of how it will goes in]

A lot of people here are very pro installer, for very good reason, you are forcing trauma on yourself. Your body really doesn’t like getting stuff put into it.Your brain when it sees what you’re trying to do to it will definitely fight you.

That said, I have six installs so far and I did them all myself - And believe me it was a learning process as I went along. Number one went in no problem two Went in after some nervous poking lots of blood, gore, and whimpering.

And let me tell you it went downhill from there. Number three was a son of a gun to put in I had an XG3 that I partially got into my fingertip but couldn’t get it deep enough and it just ripped the skin. So I moved it [much to the chagrin of everybody in this forum]

Number five was a blue siid [The one you were looking at] into position zero but after my shallow one I push this sucker a little too deep. I’m very disappointed in this one I bought it mainly for the lighting, but the light is directional and I can sometimes see it if it’s pitch black and my phone screen is dim and the moon and Jupiter are aligned.

Number six was a next chip it went in perfectly.

So in closing as long as you keep things clean and take care and time to heal and just watch as many videos for installs as you can you should get along just fine - but I don’t recommend it

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Since our latest restock (today) of xSIIDs we’ve updated our pricing for all colours and added the white version :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about import taxes/duties of 20% when importing from the US. E.G a $140/£100 order would most likely be around £120/£125 after import.

Also you can take any Dangerous Things or Vivokey implant to one of our centers and they will install. You don’t have to purchase it from us.

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If you decide to self implant, I am curious of your plan for it. I am not a doctor, but I personally would rather self install as much as I can.

Hey where in the uk are you? I’m in Bristol and willing to help out if your not too far.

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I recently bought some clothes from an UK shop… about 200,- € worth. And about 55,- € added taxes and stuff -.-
That whole Brexit thing is really annoying if you’re trying to get stuff out of the UK :wink:

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Oh I know! We’re looking at solutions for it and KSEC going forward.

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Ex-Ambo :white_check_mark:

Thank you all for your input
I’m sorry if i kinda ignored the post for a bit i got a bit… scared away…I’m very shy at times and i got a bit overwhelmed

i got my chip and installed it and I’ve been able to read the chip through the bandage perfectly fine with my phone i changed the bandage after a few hours after and added some iodine and it seems to already be healing up okay just a small slightly curved slit

i just wanna say thank you all for your help and you all definitely said the best way to do things and i would recommend people do indeed go to professionals

but i was really confident and thought long and hard and i went for it


Sometimes, confidence is not as good as knowledge, and had you said that you were going ahead with a self installation we would have provided you with more specific information to keep you safe.

I’m glad it all went well.

Most importantly


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