NFC Shell - Desktop Application

So I wanted to send raw commands to my implants with my ACR122 and did not see anything available that could do it so I whipped this application up and thought it might be useful to others.

Currently it is a fairly simple CLI application and it is only designed to work with the ACR122. It has only been tested on the windows laptop I was using when I wrote it… It also sends raw commands to the chip so basically… USE AT YOUR OWN RISK I take no responsibility for any damage you do to your implants with it.

With that warning out of the way.

I would love any feedback anyone has, if anyone are interested in it I would be willing to extend it’s functionality. Make it more user friendly? Add a set of scripts for it for common tasks that one might need to send raw commands to an implant for? I don’t really know… Any comments, criticism, ideas, thoughts, pull requests :wink:, etc… are welcome :slight_smile: