Yale Conexis Lock

Yo, how u doing?
Ive ordered the required bits and their on the way
Im in Doncaster where are you?


Hi, thanks for the reply

The only issue is im a numpty lol


im in chester so manchester seems like a sound middle ground :}

-The other andy :rofl:

Hi Andy
When i get the gits 9Arriving Now and mid March) I will get back to you, and i do not mind coming to Chester


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It was meant to say the bits and arriving lol
I have implanted a Vivokey spark 2, what do i do to it?

This Andy :relaxed:

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start your vivokey forum account and start integrating it into your daily life :}

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I now have all the bits so when is it convenient for you to meet?


He will probably want you over in the discord, with screen share, voice and video…

And then hopefully the lessons learnt and information will be shared back here by you or him

im around whenever homeslice

Tried to join Discord, it says im invited by Leumas and when i click join it says i cannot.
Any ideas?


Hi Andy, im snowed under with work at the mo so will get back to you


perfectly cool andy just lemme know when youre available



Try THIS one

Nope, that did not work either

Can you take a screenshot of the error and post it here please?


If i then try to register as a new user it lets me fill it all in and then nothing happens

Sorry Buddy, I checked on the server and it was still valid, I have deleted that one and made a new one

Try this one, It’s set to never expire and unlimited clicks

Yep that 1 worked, thank you

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