Yale Keyless & Conexis Locks

Hi folks, apologies new to all this and only joined the forum today in the hope to get some advice. I am based in Chester in the UK and having trouble deciphering some of the lingo.

Long story short I am trying to find out which implant i would need to work with the above yale products. If you can keep answers simple that would be great :rofl:. Unfortunately i have bought an implant before doing my research so want to make sure i get this right… this time.

Thanks in advance.

Which implant did you get?

Off the top of my head I think you would be looking at a Mifare Classic 1k implant.

I believe NTAG216, may work, but not reliably.
Maybe FlexMN, I don’t think that has been tested

Have you checked out

If you don’t manage to find some firm / confirmed answers, I’ll see what I can find for you

Thanks Pilgrim i couldnt seem to find the products on there mentioned above only the yale Doorman.

Unfortunately ended up buying a EM4102 125kHz rfid implant from a UK provider as I didnt even know about Dangerous Things. I have now returned the order and hoping to buy something from here.


No problem, sorry I couldn’t be more help.
I’m just getting my stuff sorted before going to bed.

Try the search function here on the forum, it does work pretty well.

I’ll check on you in the morning to see how you have gone finding information.
Good luck

You won’t regret going to dangerous things, their customer service, after sales and community support is second to none

From Yale, who are most uninformative, we know it is an NFC tag of some description.

That thread seems to have some information.

I also found a Reddit thread stating MiFare Classic although the poster tried the 4k with no success.

Personally I would purchase a MiFare Classic 1k tag and test it before purchasing an implant.

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So here is a link to search results


I’m not sure if you have tried yet.
There is not too many results.
I will ha e a read and see what I can find.

@Zwack had a good idea to get a test card.
I would actually suggest get a KSEC test card bundle because, for the cost you will have most of the cards you will need for any future products and prijects


Thanks everyone. I think i will purchase the yale keyless lock and a set of testers and give them a go.

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If you’re in the UK. KSEC is Dangerous things & Vivokeys global disti but we’re based in the UK.

Check out https://cyborg.ksecsolutions.com/

Don’t miss out on becoming a member and you get 10% off their implants: KSEC Cyborg Membership - KSEC Solutions


Thanks Kai thats really useful info to know!!


Found this video very useful confirmed as Mifare Classic 1k for the yale fobs.

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Sorry to resurrect a long dead thread but if you do watch this chaps video it would seam that the conexis (i’m not sure if this applies to the keyless connected as well) updates block 16 or 17 on each successful access. This means that rather than cloning a current tab you need to set your implant up as new tag and then accept that the lock will write to it each time. This might or might not upset other locks/access systems.

It would also appear that if you bought two of these locks you couldn’t use the same tag/card/implant for both.