Yet another advice on my chosen implant location thread

Interesting, I was worried about migration in the wrist.
I was semi set on the xSIID, it might be lame :sweat_smile: but I wanted a xSIID in each hand, red on the port hand (left) and green in the starboard hand (right) like a ship, I also was going to DIY a reader into a hulk fist so I could fist bump it to read the data at my desk… Can you think of any spots that I could get all 3 in the left hand without having collision issues.

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Posts picture of right :rofl:

I’m forever forgetting right and left, usually just pick up something lol

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If it makes you happy, it isn’t lame.

If other people say it is lame, tell them “I know you are but what am I?” Each time.

Seriously though, do you! You look out for your #1, you.


Still gotta work out where to put them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But thanks, good way of thinking about it :sweat_smile:

Just gonna throw this out there to muddle your choices.

Consider putting the xSIID at the wrist/forearm location. IF (big if) the Power Bracelet becomes a viable option, you may need it close for functionality.

My suggestion: Implant the NExT, hang on to the xSIID, maybe skip the xM1.

My Better Suggestion: Follow your bliss, man. Whatever makes you happiest is the best solution for you. :smiley_cat:


So you could put an x-series chip in each location and not have issues with collision. However it really depends on your reader. One of those huge ones at parking garages would pick up everything and have issues, but your phone would be able to pickup each one individually. Then of course a flex has more range so I would count that has taking up the adjacent spots for an x-series implant.

Hope that all helps, if you wanted to install them all then my recommendation is position 0, 1, 2. If you have thick enough fingers maybe substitute a 6 or 7.

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I have a question about placement in spot 6.

Will it interfere with pushups and yoga and stuff? I go back to the military, and I would hate for it to be affected by that. I have giant hands, I can palm a basketball, so I have the room for it. It would either be the Spark, or the Next that goes there for me.

Don’t laugh at my photoshop skills.

Here is a pic of where I am considering placing the white bundle, with the spark in my thumb.

The brown dots are the edge of my bone.

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I have my NExT in position 4, on the back of my hand. It is perfect - much more convenient for readers than the xM1 I have in position 0 (the typical webbing between thumb and index finger.)

I’m really happy with the setup. I use the NExT most often, and it works great where I have to bring my hand to the reader (as opposed to a phone where I can move the reader easily around the chip.)

The xM1 I use for hotel keys when I travel, which is more sporadic and the more tricky hand positioning for a good read isn’t a constant issue.

The Apex will go on the knife edge of the hand when it comes out…

For your placement, what if you used spots 0, 2, and 4? That may give good spacing, depending on your hand. And it wold put two chips on the back of your hand which is definitely my preferred placement for actual use.


Would spot 4 not be too close for the apex?

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It looks like I should be able to get about 3cm between the NExT at position 4 and the implant on the edge of my hand. One will be further back toward my wrist (still on the hand) which adds space. I think that should be fine… But, I’m debating using the #4 spot on the opposite hand anyway.

I’ve still got to decide if I’m going to go for the flex, which may also influence my decision.

sorry, I laughed… but not at you… “photoshop skills” was a perfect humor game.


WHEN we get it working I plan on continuing this project anyway.

Thanks, that is very helpful.
I think I will discuss it with the piercer when I go, def 0 and 2, then 6, 7 or 1 of the last chip.

Will that not collide with the NExT in pos 4? EDIT: Apparently I had not refreshed this page for hours, this conversation has been had.

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Damn it, this thread is having be second (or third, or maybe like 14 by now? ) guessing my position choices and maybe I should put the Spark 2 I’ve got in like position 3 or 4 instead of my in forearm? Only thing I’m wondering is how noticeable it would be in my fairly large, but thin hands. feels like it might be pretty visible? Not sure if that’s a deal breaker for me or not though…

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I def have room in 6 and 7 spots, I just am paranoid about having them on the digits. I do lots of weights at the gym and sail tall ships so they get beaten up at times

Where on earth are you sailing tall ships nowadays?

Go a taste for it in Australia and there is the Maritime Museum of San Diego and the Las Angeles Maritime Institute both have volunteering opportunities on there tall ships and are reasonably close to me.

Ok thats cool, I’d totally do that as well.

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in the green mark you will never be able to practice any martial art or punch someone’s car to defend yourself from aggression as it will hurt the inside of your hand and you risk the chip having displacement and inflammation problems.
In short, if you hit too hard you will have to remove it.

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Relay you think punching would be an issue? I box (and I am a big guys so I have some power) so that would be a concern but usually in wraps and gloves so not sure if it would impact me much. Anyone had any issues with this placement and sports involving punching?