You need to tell me the Story of the Xled Keychains!

4 real - How they ended up like that?

The first thing that came to my mind when the keychain came out was: uh-oh, someone tried to implant the old xLED and Amal changed the form factor to prevent it happening again.

If that’s not the explanation, in any case, I like it better: it looks more pro and it’s more convenient - which are reason enough to change it.


So there are 2 versions of field detectors.
Some of us forget to bring keys, others leave wallets at home. That’s why we put chips in our bodies.
DT caters for all.

PS.: I forget both, and currently no implant can help me. Prove me wrong!


Put 1 LF and 1 HF xLED in your hand, and unless you forget your hand, you should be prepped and ready to identify any HF or LF card reader that dare cross your path.

Also @atilla, didn’t you back the Titan? Don’t you have a discount coupon?
You could pick up both for “cheap as CHIPS

Just saying!

I carry a DT Diagnostic card in my wallet and proves very useful.

I really should do the same as I just recommended to you…

I am waiting for this transaction to come through. Amal knob-twisted me to post the RFID cap today.

Jokes aside: I don’t have discount coupon. My Paypal was registered with an email I lost access to, and google didn’t want to sort that out for me. Since then I updated my email with Paypal, but the coupon might have landed in the original mailbox.
But trust me, I’d invest in DT stocks if I had disposable income.

Before COVID:b73c952c87017b58- tenor (5)

At the moment:giphy



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Technical term ¯(º_o)/¯

I assumed the eventual plan was to not even seal them in glass, and just drop the core in the plastic and seal with glue

That’s right but because the xFD are made with cheap crap we bought a shitload of them and have plenty in glass. Many of them aren’t even sealed right, and yes people were playing around with implanting them… so into keychains they went :slight_smile:


Is there anyway I could buy a few more outside of the keychains? I can send you an idea of what I want to make, but it will also be glued into something so no need of me injecting it,

I only like the safe dangerous things


When I first saw the key ring option, I like the idea of a V2 with 2in1 HF / LF…super duper rough ( so bad I wsn’t even going to post it )

You get the idea

I was going to cast my pair into resin to try it out, I just need to make a mould.

I was also thinking about giving it a wet and dry sand to see if the diffused light would be easier to see in certain conditions

I’m planning to make a sort of wallet version,

Might tinker tonight on it

Until someone attempts to implant the keychain, and then you’ll come up with the bottle opener version :slight_smile:

Surprised nobody has tried to implant the diagnostic card

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I turned mine into earrings. I’d post a photo but they’re in the living room and I’m just fucking around on my phone cos I can’t sleep.

Let’s not give ideas.

Well tinker complete, could have probably done better, but it was a rush hack

Works, and it’s a nice proof of concept
(I can always melt them free)

I present the wallet detector mod
(With usb storage)

The lump of the slim usb is thicker that the glass, which means it should hopefully shield them from compression forces a bit

I was also thinking of 3D printing something, If I can get my hands on a few more…

Btw I’ll trade someone a set of the new keychains for the old ones

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That’s handy dandy

I could do something similar with my storage solution, there are some natural cavities built into reverse side

With much ado. I still don’t understand what was so challenging about drilling two holes in a piece of acrylic and filling one with x payload and resin. The world may never know.

Tried? In my opinion it was a success and the result of the original xLED HF and LF in my hands is the photo on the xLED product page :relaxed:
I’m glad that it convinced Amal to create the implantable xLED’s. You’re welcome.